Israeli court postpones East Jerusalem eviction decision

12:00 May 20 2013 Sheikh Jarrah

JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- An Israeli court on Monday postponed a decision regarding the eviction of 10 people from their home in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem.

Muhammad Ayoub Shamasnah, the son of the home-owner, told Ma'an that the court did not make a final decision about the eviction and has postponed the case until further discussions.

The court suggested during the hearing that the family could remain in the property until the elderly parents die, but settlers who are targeting the property once the family is evicted refused the proposal, he added.

"We don't count on the Israeli judiciary because over the years it has sided with settlers. Thus, we are worried about the eviction," Shamasnah said.

The property is home to Muhammad Shamasnah, 82, his wife, their son Muhammad Ayoub and his wife and children, totaling 10 people.

In 2011, the Custodian for Absentee Property started legal proceedings to evict the 10-member Shamasnah family, claiming their rental contract expired in 2008.

The family provided evidence of rental payments dating back to 1972, but an Israeli magistrates court rejected an appeal by the family because they did not submit documents prior to 1968, and ordered their eviction on March 1.

Their lawyer has appealed to the Supreme Court, which has temporarily stayed the eviction and the family is now waiting for a final decision
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