Israel Demands Palestinian to Pay Rent for Owned House

12:00 Dec 27 2011 Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, December 28, 2011 (WAFA) – Israeli authorities Tuesday handed a Palestinian elderly woman a notice demanding her to pay rent for the house she owns in Sheikh Jarrah, a neighborhood in Jerusalem, according to a WAFA correspondent.

He said that Refqa al-Kord, 85, has been getting notices for a while demanding her to pay rent for the past seven years for the benefit of settlements’ associations.

The notice included a warning that if the rent was not paid, al-Kord has to evacuate her house immediately.

Several extremist Jewish groups took over part of al-Kord's house a year ago and turned it into a settlement outpost, aiming to harass her into leaving the house under the pretext of the Jews owning the house. This was refuted with documents by residents as well as local and official institutions.

The Israeli authorities as well as several extremist Jewish groups have been working on seizing what is left of Palestinian houses in the neighborhood, about 28 houses.

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