Israeli Colonizers, Soldiers, Kill Three Palestinians, Injure Dozens, In West Bank

12:00 Apr 15 2024 Khirbet At-Tawil (خربة الطويل) ,south of Agraba (عقربا); Salim (سالم), Bruqin (إبروقين),Kafr Malek (كفر مالك) and Khallet Al-Farra & Otniel settlement

Israeli Colonizers, Soldiers, Kill Three Palestinians, Injure Dozens, In West Bank Israeli Colonizers, Soldiers, Kill Three Palestinians, Injure Dozens, In West Bank Israeli Colonizers, Soldiers, Kill Three Palestinians, Injure Dozens, In West Bank Israeli Colonizers, Soldiers, Kill Three Palestinians, Injure Dozens, In West Bank
Abdul-Rahman Maher Bani Fadel, Yazan Mohammad Fawzi and Mohammad Ibrahim Bani Jame’. Published by IMEMC News

Mohammed Ashraf Bani Jame. Published by Haaretz

Scene in Salfit. Published by IMEMC News

Israeli settlers near the village of Al-Mughayir, near Ramallah, on Saturday [April 13, 2024]. Published by Haaretz


by IMEMC News
April 16, 2024

Comprehensive West Bank Violation Update: On Monday fanatic paramilitary Israeli colonizers and soldiers continued the pogroms and violations, killing three Palestinians, including a child, injuring many, and causing serious damage to homes and cars, in various parts of the occupied West Bank.

In Nablus, in the northern West Bank, fanatic illegal paramilitary Israeli colonizers, funded, armed, and encouraged by their extreme government, invaded Khirbat At-Tawil village, east of Aqraba town, south of the city, and killed two Palestinians, Abdul-Rahman Maher Bani Fadel, 30, and Mohammad Ibrahim Bani Jame’, 21.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) sources said the colonizers shot the two Palestinians with live fire, and left them bleeding on the ground, while Israeli soldiers closed streets and prevented the ambulances from reaching them.

The PRCS added that the soldiers attacked its medics and refused to allow them to reach the two Palestinians, who continued to bleed until they succumbed to their wounds before the soldiers took them away.

The PRCS also said that its medics provided treatment to one Palestinian farmer, who suffered fractures and bruises after the colonizers assaulted him and other farmers on their lands.

It added that Israeli colonizers also opened fire and assaulted many Palestinian farmers in Khirbat At-Tawil, causing three Palestinians to suffer fractures and bruises.

Furthermore, the Israeli soldiers invaded Burqa village, northwest Nablus, leading to protests, before the army shot a young man, 27, with a live round in the leg.

Also in Nablus, Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian child, Yazan Mohammad Eshteyya, 17, from Salem village, east of the city.

Medical sources said Yazan was shot and seriously injured by the soldiers who invaded Nablus city, and added that the child was rushed to a hospital in Nablus but succumbed to his profoundly serious wounds.

In Qalqilia, in the northwestern West Bank, the soldiers shot and seriously injured a young man on Palestinian land near the illegal Annexation Wall.

Palestinian medics rushed the seriously injured man to a hospital in Qalqilia and said the soldiers shot him in the thigh, leading to excessive bleeding.

It is worth mentioning that, on Sunday, the soldiers shot a young man with three live rounds while standing on Palestinian land near the Annexation Wall in Qalqilia.

In related news, Israeli colonizers invaded the Ras Ein Al-Awja Spring area, north of Jericho in the northeast West Bank, and attacked farmers while threatening to destroy all waterlines used by the farmers to irrigate their lands.

The attack came just one day after the colonizers installed an outpost on stolen Palestinian lands near the spring.

In Salfit, in the central West Bank, the extremist paramilitary colonizers invaded Bruqin town, west of the city, before attacking homes and many Palestinians and hurling stones at them their cars, and their shops.

Medical sources have confirmed that the colonizers injured five Palestinians, including children, in an attack targeting Yasser Shafiq and his family, the wounded were moved to Salfit Governmental Hospital.

The Israeli assailants also broke the windows and windshields of a car, owned by a local doctor, Mohammad Sho’eidbi, and Taiseer Samara.

In Hebron, in the occupied West Bank’s southern parts, the fanatic Israeli colonizers attacked many Palestinians, their homes and lands, in several parts of the governorate, causing excessive damage, and burnt a car, owned by Mohammad Abed Jabarin, in the Shu’ab Al-Batem area in Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron.

Also in Hebron, Israeli soldiers and paramilitary colonizers invaded the Khallet Al-Farra Bedouin community, west of Yatta, south of the city, before the soldiers abducted Bassam Nawaj’a, and assaulted his wife along with another Palestinian; the two wounded Palestinians were rushed to a hospital in Hebron.

The soldiers also confiscated Bassam’s car, and stormed and ransacked many homes, causing damage.

The fanatic Israeli colonizers also attacked residential tents and property in the Khirbat Touba community, in Masafer Yatta.

In Ramallah, in the central West Bank, Israeli colonizers invaded Kafr Malek village, east of the city, and assaulted many Palestinians, including at least one, Khaled Salem Ghneimat, while working on his land.

The attack came just one day after the colonizers shot a Palestinian and kidnapped another in the village.

Since this past Friday, the colonizers began serious assaults and violations against the Palestinians, their homes, and lands, especially in villages and towns, east and north of Ramallah, killing six Palestinians, including three on Saturday and Sunday, and wounding dozens, in addition to burning scores of homes and cars, bringing the number of slain Palestinians since Friday to five.

Besides the six slain Palestinians, the Prisoners’ Affairs Commission (PAC) and the Palestine Prisoner’s Society (PPS), have confirmed the death of a father-of-seven, Abdul-Rahim Abdul-Karim Amer, 59, who died, Saturday evening, at an Israeli detention center.

Israel has now killed 468 Palestinians, including 118 children and 5 women, and injured more than 4800, including many children, in the occupied West Bank, since October 7, 2023.

In the Gaza Strip, the number of slain Palestinians has exceeded 33.797, mostly women and children, in addition to more than 76.465 injured Palestinians, and the thousands who remain under the rubble, or on streets and in alleys where the medics have been unable to locate them due to the massive destruction and the constant Israeli bombing.

Two Palestinians Killed in Clash With Israeli Settlers in Northern West Bank

Settlers told the Israeli army that the violence erupted following an attack on a Jew, but Palestinians say a group of 50 settlers showed up on Palestinian-owned land and opened fire

by Hagar Shezaf and Jack Khoury for Haaretz
April 16, 2024

Two Palestinian men were killed on Monday evening in the northern West Bank between the settlement of Gitit and the Palestinian village of Aqraba, which lies south of Nablus.

Israeli settlers told the Israeli army that the clash erupted following an attack on a Jew, which prompted an exchange of stone-throwing. For their part, the Palestinians claim that a group of settlers entered Palestinian-owned land, assaulted residents there and later opened fire on them.

The two Palestinian fatalities were apparently caused by the gunfire, an IDF source said, adding that there were no Israeli troops in the area at the time of the incident. The Palestinian Red Crescent claimed that the Israel Defense Forces prevented its staff from accessing the site.

According to Palestinian sources, the clash erupted on Palestinian agricultural land after some 50 settlers showed up there. The Israel Police said they are investigating, but that no suspects have yet been arrested.

The IDF informed the Palestinian Health Ministry that the two dead in the clash were 30-year-old Abdulrahman Maher Bani Fadel and 21-year-old Mohammed Ashraf Bani Jame, and that a third person was wounded in his upper torso.

The man wounded in the clash told Palestinian television that the settlers attacked a group of about 20 or 30 Palestinians on Palestinian-owned land. "A settler who had cows showed up and came down toward us. The army and the head of the [settlement] council also showed up and talked," he said, "but nothing happened. There were no problems," he said in an interview from the hospital.

"All of a sudden, masked settlers arrived with jeeps and all-terrain vehicles and started spraying the Palestinians with pepper spray. And when I tried to see what was happening, one of them threw a stone at me. I lost my balance and fell down and one of them started hitting me with a club," he said.

The army reported that it had earlier received a report that a Palestinian had attacked a Jewish shepherd in the area of the Gitit settlement. "A violent confrontation developed there between Palestinians and Israeli citizens during which two Palestinians were killed," the IDF said, adding that based on an initial investigation, Israeli troops did not kill the two.

"IDF forces rushed to the area and worked to break up the confrontation. The IDF and the Israel Police are investigating the incident," the army said.

In a separate incident on Saturday, Israeli security forces found the body of an Israeli shepherd, 14-year-old Binyamin Ahimeir, in the central West Bank, whom the forces said had been murdered in an anti-Israeli attack. The teen's body was found in a search after he was reported missing.

With the news of the killing of Ahimeir, settlers raided the Palestinian villages of Duma and Al-Mughayir, near where the body was found, attacking residents and torching property. Earlier, two Palestinians were killed in clashes with settlers and security forces in the course of the search for Ahimeir.

On Monday, U.S. State Department spokesman Matthew Miller condemned the killing of Ahimeir and the two Palestinians. "The violence must stop," he said. "Civilians are never legitimate targets. We call on the authorities to take measures to protect all communities from harm, and we urge Israel and the Palestinian Authority to do everything possible to de-escalate tensions."

Abdul-Rahman Maher Bani Fadel, 30, and Mohammad Ibrahim Bani Jame’, 21, killed by paramilitary Israeli settlers 4/15/2024
Yazan Mohammad Eshteyya, 17, reported shot and killed by Israeli forces 4/15/2024
Israeli settlers reported attacking town, 5 confirmed injured in attack targeting Yasser Shafiq and his family 4/15/2024
Bassam Nawaj’a reported detained by Israeli forces 4/15/2024
Khaled Salem Ghneimat among Palestinians reported assaulted by Israeli settlers 4/15/2024
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