Updated: Israeli Army Shoots Two Children, Abducts Twenty Palestinians In West Bank

03:00 Sep 11 2023 Al-Mazra'a al-Gharbiyya (المزرعة الغربية), Jabel Mukaber (جبل المكبر), Biddu (بدّو), Jenin (جنين), Azzun (عزّون), Aqabat Jaber refugee camp (مخيّم عقبة جابر)

by IMEMC News
Sep 11, 2023

Earlier Monday, Israeli soldiers invaded and violently searched dozens of homes across the occupied West Bank, shot two children, and abducted twenty Palestinians, including two siblings.

In Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank’s central part, the soldiers abducted Badruddin Saleh Az-Zaq, 20, from his home in the Al-Mazra’a al-Gharbiyya town northwest of the city.

Badruddin’s father, Saleh Az-Zaq, said his son was still receiving treatment and rehabilitation after the soldiers shot him with live fire a year earlier.

The soldiers also invaded the Al-Masayef neighborhood in Ramallah, leading to protests, and fired several live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets, and gas bombs.

In occupied Jerusalem, the soldiers invaded Jabal Al-Mokabber town and abducted Mahmoud Zahaika, in addition to Mahran Ammar Humaidan and Mahmoud Mashour Mansour, after storming and ransacking their homes in Biddu town, north of the city.

In Jenin, in the northern West Bank, the soldiers stormed and searched several homes and abducted a young man, Abdullah Sadeeq Zakarna, from his home in the Al-Bayader area in the city’s eastern neighborhood.

In Qalqilia, in the occupied West Bank’s northwestern part, the soldiers invaded Azzoun town, east of the city, searched homes, and abducted two siblings, Majd and Dia’ Enaya Hussein, in their twenties.

Many Palestinians protested the Azzoun invasion and hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at the military vehicles, wounding one soldier, while the army fired many live rounds and attacked an ambulance crew.

Also, many Israeli military jeeps invaded the Aqabat Jaber refugee camp south of Jericho in the occupied West Bank northeastern part, shot two Palestinians, and abducted two Palestinians, Abdul-Rahman Omar Hanafiyya, 16, and Mohammad Omar Sahriyya.

In the Hebron governorate, in the occupied West Bank’s southern part, the soldiers abducted eleven Palestinians.

First Published on Sep 11, 2023, at 10:37

Abdullah Sadeeq Zakarna detained 9/11/2023
Majd Enaya Hussein and Dia’ Enaya Hussein detained 9/11/2023.
Abdul-Rahman Omar Hanafiyya and Mohammad Omar Sahriyya detained 9/11/2023.
Mahmoud Zahaika detained 9/11/2023.
ahran Ammar Humaidan and Mahmoud Mashour Mansour detained 9/11/2023.
Badruddin Saleh Az-Zaq detained 9/11/2023.
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