Police Arrest Second Israeli Left-wing Activist

12:00 Jan 19 2016 Israel

Police Arrest Second Israeli Left-wing Activist
Illustration: A man in handcuffs.Eyal Varshavsky
Published by Haaretz

by Nir Hasson for Haaretz

Israel Police arrested on Tuesday a second left-wing activist. The activist has yet to be brought before a judge for a remand hearing and it was still unclear whether the police will seek to prevent him from meeting with counsel.

A gag order has been issued on details of the case.

On Monday, court extended the remand of a left-wing activist who was arrested last week on suspicion of making contact with a foreign agent. The suspect was only allowed to see his lawyer on Friday, four days after his arrest.

His lawyer, Lea Tsemel, had asked the court to bail her client to house arrest, but the police objected. The court ordered that he be remanded in jail until another hearing on Monday.

The judge banned the release of the suspect’s identity and personal details, citing the fear of a potential obstruction of justice. Haaretz learned that he was also questioned about additional suspicions, including being an accomplice to manslaughter, conspiracy to commit murder, passing on information to a foreign agent, transporting a person without a legal entry permit into Israel, and use of drugs.

However, it was not known which of these additional charges have been presented to the presiding judge. 
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