Israeli forces detain 14 Palestinians overnight

03:00 Nov 3 2014 al-Jalama, Beit Ula, Ofer Military Court, Hebron City, Bethlehem district

NABLUS (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained 14 Palestinians in the West Bank overnight, sources said Monday.

Palestinian security sources told Ma'an Israeli soldiers arrested Bashar Abu Sharakh, 33, in Nablus and took him to Huwwara military camp.

Additionally, Israeli forces detained a 31-year-old woman in al-Jalama in northern Jenin, the Palestinian Prisoner's Society said in a statement.

She was identified as Yasmin Taysir Abd al-Rahman Shaban, a mother of four.

An Israeli army spokesman said 14 Palestinians were arrested overnight -- one in the Jenin district, one in the Nablus district, four in the Ramallah district, three near Bethlehem, and five in the Hebron district.

by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies

Several Israeli military vehicles invaded Hebron city, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, and kidnapped two Palestinians. Another Palestinian has also been kidnapped while attending a court hearing for his cousin in the Ofer Israeli military court.

Local sources said the soldiers invaded a neighborhood in Hebron city, and kidnapped a Palestinian, identified as Mo’taz Taiseer an-Natsha, after searching and ransacking his home.

In addition, soldiers invaded Beit Ola town, west of Hebron, and kidnapped a Palestinian identified as Ra’ed Abdul-‘Afo al-‘Emla also after searching his home, causing excessive property damage.

Spokesperson of the Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlement in Beit Ummar, Mohammad ‘Ayyad Awad, said the soldiers also kidnapped Mohammad Mosleh Awad, 26, as he was attending a court heading for his cousin at the Ofer Israeli military court, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah.

Awad was taken prisoner on Sunday; he is a former political prisoner who spent several months in Israeli interrogation and detention centers.

In related news, soldiers kidnaped on Monday at dawn a Palestinian woman identified as Yasmeen Taiseer Sha’ban, 31, after invading her home in the al-Jalama town, near the northern West Bank city of Jenin. Sha’ban is a married mother of three children.

Also on Monday, soldiers invaded Huwwara town, south of Nablus, and forced shut several Palestinian stores on the main road of the town.

The soldiers said they were searching for youths who allegedly hurled Molotov cocktails at a settlement bus on Sunday.

Bashar Abu Sharakh detained Nov 3, 2014
Yasmin Taysir Abd al-Rahman Shaban detained Nov 3, 2014
Mohammad Mosleh Awad detained Nov 3, 2014
Mo’taz Taiseer an-Natsha detained Nov 3, 2014
Ra’ed Abdul-‘Afo al-‘Emla detained Nov 3, 2014
Three Palestinians detained Nov 3, 2014
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