Day 235 Update: 21 Massacred in Tents; 72 Killed in Tents in Past 48 Hours

12:00 May 28 2024 Gaza (غزة): Al-Mawasi (المواصي) area, Gaza City (غَزَّة), Al-Zaytoun (الزيتون), Nuseirat camp (مخيّم النصيرات), Bureij camp (مخيّم البريج), & Tal Al-Sultan (معسكر تل السلطان)

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May 28, 2024

On Tuesday evening, day 235 of the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupation forces committed a new massacre targeting displaced people in the Rafah suburbs, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. This time, the attack claimed the lives of 21 Palestinian civilians, with many more wounded, the majority of whom were children and women .

Local sources reported that the Israeli occupation aircraft launched raids during which at least several missiles were launched, targeting the tents of the displaced in the Al-Mawasi area in Rafah – an area that Israel had declared a “safe area” just a few days ago, and ordered previously displaced Palestinians to go to al-Mawasi.

A correspondent with the Palestinian Wafa news agency quoted a source in the Civil Defense as saying that there were more than 21 killed as a result of an Israeli bombing that targeted the tents of displaced people in al-Mawasi. The Rafah Emergency Committee said: “The Israeli occupation committed a new massacre of war and genocide that targeted the tents of the displaced in the safe areas of Mawasi”.

The occupation killed 72 displaced people within 48 hours by bombing tents in areas it claimed were safe, in the area west of Rafah.

The Israeli occupation continued its bombing in central Gaza as well, targeting the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, southeast of Gaza City, while health sources reported that 4 Palestinians from northern Nuseirat were killed, and their bodies arrived at Al-Awda Hospital, as a result of the Israeli bombing.

Israeli tanks were stationed at Al-Awda Roundabout in the center of the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, while local sources confirmed that Israeli occupation vehicles are now present in the center and southwest of Rafah.

On Monday, Israeli forces at the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt shot and killed an Egyptian security officer across the border.

Today, Tuesday, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) said that about one million civilians were displaced from the city of Rafah after Israeli orders to evacuate. These people had previously been displaced from northern and central Gaza, after Israeli forces ordered them to evacuate their homes, then flattened thousands of homes, leaving most Palestinians in the Gaza Strip homeless, living in tents.

Medical sources reported today that all hospitals in Rafah Governorate, south of the Gaza Strip, were out of service, except for Tal Al-Sultan Maternity Hospital.

The sources explained that only Tal Sultan Maternity Hospital remains, struggling to survive and continue providing service to patients.

Since the start of the attack on Rafah, 6 hospitals have been out of service, in light of the continued and expanding Israeli incursion and its deliberate targeting of many hospitals and primary care centers.

Medical sources announced Tuesday that the death toll in the Gaza Strip had risen to 36,096, the majority of whom were children and women, since the start of the Israeli occupation aggression on the 7th of last October.

The same sources added that the number of injured has risen to 81,136 since the start of the aggression, while thousands of victims are still under the rubble and on the roads, and ambulance and civil defense crews are unable to reach them, while they indicated that the occupation committed 5 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, killing 46, with 110 injuries during the past 24 hours.

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Day 235: Israeli Bombing of Civilians in Gaza Continues
Published on: May 28, 2024 at 09:40 am

Israeli airstrikes continued in the early morning hours of Tuesday, killing a number of Palestinians in north, central and southern Gaza, day 235 of the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip.

Medical sources reported to the Palestinian Wafa news agency that a number of Palestinian civilians, including children, were killed and a number of others were injured in the Israeli occupation bombing of the Aqel family home in the Bureij market area, in the central Gaza Strip.

Medical sources also announced the death of two civilians and a number of injuries after an Israeli raid on a house in the Bureij camp in the central Gaza Strip, and at least two civilians killed as a result of the Israeli occupation bombing of the Al-Ghussein family home in the Al-Darraj neighborhood in Gaza City.

At least three Palestinians were killed and a number of others were injured, as a result of the Israeli occupation forces targeting a tent of displaced people for the Abu Jarad family in Tal Al-Sultan, west of the city of Rafah.

A young man was killed by Israeli bombing in the city of Rafah, and the Israeli occupation artillery shelled the city intensely. The bombing also targeted the upper floor of the Indonesian Hospital in the neighborhood, and dozens of families were displaced due to the Israeli occupation’s bombing of the schools where families are sheltering, as well as the Tal al-Sultan clinic. In addition, Israeli ground troops deployed in the Tal al-Sultan neighborhood, in the west of the city of Rafah.

Israeli airstrikes have specifically targeted journalists covering the attacks on Rafah over the past 24 hours.

The Israeli occupation continues its aggression against the Gaza Strip, by land, sea and air, since the seventh of last October, which resulted in the killing of 36,050 Palestinians, the majority of whom were children and women, and the injury of 81,026 others, in an ongoing and indefinite toll, as thousands of victims are still under the rubble.

An estimated 1100 Israelis, including nearly 800 civilians, were killed in southern Israel on October 7th, and 240 taken hostage. Since then, no Israeli civilians have been killed by Hamas inside Israel (though some of the hostages died of wounds or by Israeli airstrikes), and around 500 Israeli soldiers have been killed. Over 10,000 Palestinians have been taken hostage since October 7th, many of whom are being held without trial in a brutal desert prison camp where hundreds of cases of torture have been exposed, and at least 40 men have been tortured to death since October 7, 2023.

21 Palestinians reported killed by Israeli missiles 5/28/2024
Israeli bombing reported continuing 5/28/2024
Bombing of the Al-Ghussein family home reported killing two Palestinians 5/28/2024.
Four Palestinians reported kill by Israeli bombing 5/28/2024.
At last two Palestinian reported killed, a number injured by Israeli airstrikes 5/28/2024.
At least three Palestinians killed by Israeli attack on tent of displaced Abu Jarad family 5/28/2024.
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