Israeli Troops Abduct Sixteen Palestinians from West Bank

03:00 May 27 2020 Qaffin, Ni’lin, Beit Rima, Ramallah and Nablus districts, Attil (Ateel), al-Issawiya (Isawiya), Shuafat (Shu’fat) refugee camp, and an unspecified location west of 1948 armistice line.

Israeli Troops Abduct Sixteen Palestinians from West Bank
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May 27, 2020 9:21 PM

Israeli troops reportedly abducted, on Wednesday morning, several Palestinian residents from the internationally-recognized occupied East Jerusalem and across the rest of the occupied West Bank.

In the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem, local sources reported that soldiers abducted Abdelraheem Sabbah, 28 and Ra’ed Ammar, 20, after having stormed their homes, located in the Qaffin village, north of the Tulkarem.

In the meantime, other Israeli troops broke into the Edwan family home and abducted Hassan Edwan.

In the central West Bank city of Ramallah, Israeli forces abducted three Palestinian youths, after having invaded a number of neighborhoods in the city.

Among those abducted was a wounded person, who was previously shot and wounded by Israeli troops, identified as Mahmoud Al-Khawaja, a resident of the western Ramallah village of Ni’lin. Local sources confirmed that Al-Khawaja was taken to an unknown destination east of Ni’lin.

Sources further noted that Al-Khawaja was shot and wounded by Israeli troops, a couple of months ago, when soldiers shot and killed Al-Khawaja’s cousin, Sufian, at the entrance of Ni’lin village.

It is important to note, Israeli authorities continue to hold the body of the slain Sufian, as is standard practice for Israeli occupation authorities.

In another similar event, a special Israeli army unit was reported to have stormed the home of Nour Eldin Al-Barghouthi, 26, in the Beit Reema village, northwest of Ramallah city.

Witnesses told media outlets that the special force stormed the village with a civil vehicle. They added that right after they stormed Al-Barghouthi’s home, they abducted Nour Eldin and took him to an unknown destination, towards the western part of the city.

In the Abu Shkhaidem village, north of Ramallah city, Israeli troops stormed the Abu Saleem family home and abducted a youth, Mahmoud Abu Saleem.

Concurrently, Israeli troops invaded the Kefel Hares village, on the outskirts of the West Bank district of Salfit, however soldiers fired tear-gas canisters during the invasion, with no casualties or abductions reported.

Meanwhile, Israeli troops abducted, late on Tuesday night, a former prisoner from Ateel village, at the entrance of the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia, identified as Mos’ab Eqtaish, 25.

In another similar abduction, Israeli troops abducted Palestinian resident of Tulkarem city, Fahd Yehya, 20, at a military checkpoint, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Israeli military abductions of Palestinian civilians throughout the West Bank, go unabated, having increased recently, as the Israeli occupation state plans to annex the West Bank, subjecting it to full Israeli sovereignty, by July of this summer.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society additional Palestinians detained include a child, Youssef Raed Al-Aneed from Ramallah.

Also detained by Israeli forces, were Mahmoud Nabil Adwan, 18, from the town of Pharaoh, in addition to Khaled Jamal Jaber, 19 and Walid Issam Asfour, 26, arrested from inside the 1948 occupied territories.

Two Palestinian children abducted from Al-‘Isawiya town in East Jerusalem, were identified as Saadi and Wissam Al-Rajabi, Mahmoud Muhammad Obaid, Farid Yusef Obaid, 50, as well as one young man arrested from Shu’fat refugee camp.

Summary of the names of most recent detainees;

1. Abdelraheem Sabbah, 28
2. Ra’ed Ammar, 20
3. Hassan Edwan
4. Mahmoud Al-Khawaja
5. Nour Eldin Al-Barghouthi, 26
6. Mahmoud Abu Saleem
7. Youssef Raed Al-Aneed
8. Mahmoud Nabil Adwan, 18
10. Khaled Jamal Jaber, 19
11. Walid Issam Asfour, 26
12. Saadi Al-Rajabi
13. Wissam Al-Rajabi
14. Mahmoud Muhammad Obaid
15. Farid Yusef Obaid, 50
16. unidentified from Shu’fat refugee camp

Image: file

Mahmoud Al-Khawaja detained 5/27/2020
Abdelraheem Sabbah, 28, Ra’ed Ammar, 20, and Hassan Edwan detained 5/27/2020
Nour Eldin Al-Barghouthi, 26, detained 5/27/2030
Youssef Raed Al-Aneed and Mahmoud Abu Saleem detained 5/27/2030.
Mos’ab Eqtaish, 25, detained 5/27/2020
Fahd Yehya, 20, resident of Tulkarem, detained 5/27/2020
Mahmoud Nabil Adwan, 18, and Walid Issam Asfour, 26, from Pharaoh, reported detained 5/27/2020
Saadi and Wissam Al-Rajabi, Mahmoud Muhammad Obaid, Farid Yusef Obaid, 50, detained 5/27/2020
One unidentified Palestinian reported detained 5/27/2020
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