Israeli Soldiers Abduct 14 Palestinians In Jerusalem, Two Near Nablus

03:00 Jun 26 2018 Shuafat refugee camp, al-Ram, and Tapuah/Za'tara military checkpoint south of Nablus

by IMEMC News

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Tuesday at dawn, at least fourteen Palestinians, during extensive and violent searches of homes in occupied East Jerusalem. The soldiers also abducted two Palestinians near Nablus.

Dozens of soldiers invaded Shu’fat refugee camp, in the center of Jerusalem, and the ar-Ram town, north of the city, before storming and searching dozens of homes, and abducted fourteen Palestinians.

Furthermore, the soldiers detonated front doors of many stores in the al-Ram town, and Kufr Aqab neighborhood, north of Jerusalem, before breaking into them and searching them, in addition to breaking into and searching several apartments.

The abducted Palestinians have been identified as:

Mohammad Ghorab, Shu’fat.
Adham Alqam, Shu’fat.
Abed Sweity, Shu’fat.
Ahmad Siyam, Shu’fat.
Hammouda Houshiyya, Shu’fat.
Ali Bader, Shu’fat.
Tareq al-A’raj, Shu’fat.
Ahmad Sharha, Shu’fat.
Yahia Hammoud, Shu’fat.
(Unknown fist name) al-Kurdi, Shu’fat.
Amir Salah, Shu’fat.
Wadea’ Salah, Shu’fat.
‘Ala Shawabka, ar-Ram.
Nayef Shawabka, ar-Ram.

Furthermore, the soldiers abducted Hamza Enad Abu Jabal, 22, from the al-Jadeeda town, south of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, while crossing Za’tara military roadblock, south of Nablus, also in northern West Bank.

Another Palestinian, identified as Anan Mohsin Jaber, 24, from Anabta town, east of the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem, was also abducted at Za’tara roadblock.

In related news, the soldiers abducted one Palestinian near Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, and installed a military tower.

Mohammad Ghorab, Adham Alqam, Abed Sweity, Ahmad Siyam, Hammouda Houshiyya, Ali Bader,Tareq al-A’raj, Ahmad Sharha, Yahia Hammoud, (Unknown fist name) al-Kurdi, Amir Salah, and Wadea’ Salah, Shu’fat detained 6/26/2018
‘Ala Shawabka and Nayef Shawabka detained 6/26/2018
Hamza Enad Abu Jabal, 22, detained 6/26/2018
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