Israeli forces detain 18 Palestinians, including women and children, during West Bank raids

03:00 Jul 2 2018 Hebron and Qalqiliya districts. Jerusalem district ( Anata and Silwan)

Israeli forces detain 18 Palestinians, including women and children, during West Bank raids Israeli forces detain 18 Palestinians, including women and children, during West Bank raids Israeli forces detain 18 Palestinians, including women and children, during West Bank raids
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained at least 18 Palestinians, including women and children, during predawn raids carried out across the occupied West Bank, on Monday.

According to Hebrew-language news outlets, Israeli forces allegedly found weapons during raids in the village of Abu Dis, in the central West Bank district of Jerusalem.

Sources added that the detainees were immediately transferred for further investigation.

In the southern West Bank district of Hebron, one woman and four children were detained and identified as Dina Said, the wife of a killed Palestinian Nashat al-Karmi, Muhammad Abed al-Ghani Qufeisha, 10, Mustafa Tareq Qafisha, 11, Yousef Abed Rajabi, 12, and Marwan Mufid al-Sharbati, 12, who was detained after Israeli forces raided his home in the al-Shuhada street in the center of Hebron city.

In the central West Bank district of Jerusalem, Israeli forces detained six Palestinians. They were identified as Islam Ibrahim Anata, Abu Azhar Ibrahim Anata, and from the neighborhood of Silwan in the district, Tamer al-Zaghel, Muslem Owda, Louay Rajabi, Diaa Baydoun, Amer Zeidani, and Muhammad Zeidani.

In the northern West Bank district of Qalqiliya, another four Palestinians were detained by Israeli forces and identified as teen Layla Maher Awainat, Ashraf Maher Awainat, Motasem Mahmmud Shawer, and Muhammad Abu Samra.

Israeli forces also detained a former prisoner, Baker al-Tawil, while passing near a checkpoint west of the northern Nablus district.

Israeli raids in Palestinian cities, towns and refugee camps are a daily occurence.

According to Palestinian prisoners rights group Addameer, as of April, there are 5900 Palestinians being held in Israeli prisons, 60 of them are female prisoners, and 291 child prisoners.

PPS: “Israeli Soldiers Abduct 21 Palestinians, Including Children, In The West Bank”

by IMEMC News

The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported that Israeli soldiers invaded, late at night and on Monday at dawn, at least twenty-one Palestinians, including women and children, from their homes in several parts of the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem.

The soldiers stormed and ransacked dozens of homes, causing damage, and interrogated scores of Palestinians before abducting at least 21 of them.

Among the abducted Palestinians are three children, who were taken prisoner from their homes in Hebron city, in the southern part of the West Bank, but were released after the army interrogated them for several hours.

They have been identified as Mohammad Abdul-Ghani Qfeisha, 10, Yousef Abed Rajabi, 12, and Mostafa Tareq Natsha, 11.

The soldiers also abducted Donya Sa’id, from Hebron, the wife of Nashat al-Karmi, who was killed by the army in October 2010.

In addition, the soldiers abducted a former political prisoner, identified as Bakr Tawil, from the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia, after stopping him at a military roadblock, west of Nablus.

Furthermore, the soldiers stormed the home of Adnan Gheith, a member of the Revolutionary Council of Fateh Movement in occupied Jerusalem, looking for his son Odai, to abduct him, but could not locate him.
The PPS identified the abducted Palestinians as:

1.  Donya Sa’id, Hebron.
2. Mohammad Qfeisha, 10, Hebron.
3. Yousef Abed Rajabi, 12, Hebron.
4. Mostafa Tareq Natsha, 11, Hebron.
5. Leila Maher Oweinat, Qalqilia.
6. Ashraf Maher Oweinat, Qalqilia.
7. Mo’tasem Mahmoud Shawar, Qalqilia.
8. Mohammad Abu Samra, Qalqilia.
9. Bakr Tawil, Qalqilia.
10. Islam Ibrahim, Anata, Jerusalem.
11. Abu Azhar Ibrahim, Anata, Jerusalem.
12. Mohammad Qa’qour, Jerusalem.
13. Abed Qa’qour (Mohammad’s brother), Jerusalem.
14. Maher Sarhan, Jerusalem.
15. Mohammad Sarhan (Maher’s brother), Jerusalem.
16. Amer Zidani, Jerusalem.
17. Mohammad Zidani, (Amer’s brother), Jerusalem.
18. Mosallam Odah, Jerusalem.
19. Lu’ay Rajabi, Jerusalem.
20. Dia’ Beidoun, Jerusalem.
21. Tamer Zaghal, Jerusalem.

Dina Said, Muhammad Abed al-Ghani Qufeisha, 10, Mustafa Tareq Qafisha, 11, Yousef Abed Rajabi, 12, and Marwan Mufid al-Sharbati,12, detained 7/2/2018
Maher Sarhan, Mohammad Sarhan (Maher’s brother), Tamer al-Zaghel, Muslem Owda (Odah), Louay Rajabi, Diaa Baydoun, Amer Zeidani, Mohammad Qa’qour, Abed Qa’qour (Mohammad’s brother)and Muhammad Zeidani detained 7/2/2018
Islam Ibrahim and Abu Azhar Ibrahim detained 7/2/2018
Layla Maher Awainat (Oweinat,), Ashraf Maher Awainat (Oweinat), Motasem Mahmmud Shawer, Muhammad Abu Samra and Bakr Tawil detained 7/2/2018
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