IOA turns Grand Mosque of Beersheba into museum

12:00 Dec 27 2011 Beersheba, Israel

UMM AL-FAHM, (PIC)-- Al-Aqsa foundation for endowment and heritage said the Israeli government and its executive authority turned the Grand Mosque in the Negev city of Beersheba, south of the 1948 occupied lands, into a Jewish museum.

In a report on Tuesday, the foundation affirmed that this Israeli measure is illegal violating the sanctity of the Mosque which is a holy Islamic worship place and cannot be used for another purpose.

According to the report, a delegation from the Aqsa foundation made a field visit to check on the Mosque and report about what the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) had done against this house of worship.

Farhoud Assayed, a representative of the foundation in the Negev region, said it was shocking what he saw inside the Grand Mosque of Beersheba which became a gallery of outrageous photos and sculptures hurting the feelings of Muslims.

"By God, the eyes shed tears and the heart breaks as you see how they hung pictures in the Grand Mosque showing Zionist gangs occupy the Beersheba city including this Mosque, and other photos referring to the Zionist presence in the city.You tremble with rage when you see the statues including those of Zionist or English soldiers in the corners of the Mosque," deputy head Sami Abu Mukh explained.

"You also may not imagine how ugly the sight was and how they placed big TV screens in the center of the Mosque displaying frequently indecent scenes like people drink wine or dance naked or scenes of texts from the Tanakh or the Torah," Abu Mukha added.

The Grand Mosque of Beersheba was built in 1906 by the Ottomans in cooperation with the people of the Negev at the time.
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