IOF raid the home of liberated captive Dua Jayyousi

06:14 Nov 21 2011 Tulkarem (Tulkarm)

TULKAREM, (PIC)-- IOF troops raided on Wednesday night the home of liberated captive Dua al-Jayyousi in the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem and threatened her with arrest telling her that the account between her and the occupation will remain open.

Jayyousi informed the PIC that Israeli intelligence officers accompanied the IOF. They questioned her and threatened her with arrest if she practiced any anti-occupation activity. They also told her that they will not leave her alone, especially that she was freed from prison against their wishes as they were against the exchange deal. They further said that the account between her and the Israeli occupation is open and will not be closed and that any anti-occupation activity on her part will land her again in prison “where she will rot,” she was told.

The IOF soldiers ransacked her home after detaining her two elderly parents in one room and detaining and interrogating her in another.

Israeli occupation intelligence have over the past few days summoned a number of liberated captives and threatened them with arrest if they get involved in any anti-occupation activity.

The Israeli occupation released 477 Palestinian captives in the first phase of a prisoner-exchange deal between Hamas and the Israeli occupation.
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