Israel hands demolition notices to residents of Ezbet Shufa

12:00 Sep 29 2011 Ezbet Shufa, south of Tulkarem

TULKAREM, (PIC)– IOF troops handed on Thursday, eight residents of the village of Izbet Shufeh, to the south of the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem, demolition notices within a week because it lies in area (C).

Local sources reported that amongst those handed demolition notices were: Abu Nidal Abu Hamza, Fuad Kamal Mustafa Ismail, Muaweyya Musa, Amin Odeh, Raed Muhammad Hasan Yousef and a resident from the Shaar family.

Hasan Shaar, a resident of the village told PIC correspondent that the demolition notices were issued despite the facts that the owners of newly built homes have planning permissions and ownership deeds for the land and that the homes are already built, but waiting for the doors and windows to be installed.

He also said that the village which lies to south of Tulkarem, is surrounded from all sides by settlements; Avni Hefits from the west, Ennab from the east, a settlement block connected to Avni Hefets from the north and a settlement bypass road from the south.

He also pointed out that residents are not allowed to reach their fields using any form of transportation, so they have to walk on foot to reach their fields and tend their plants.

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