Israeli forces detain 20 Palestinians across West Bank

03:00 Jul 21 2015 Burqin, Jenin, Urif, Burin, Hajja, Hebron City, Beir Samit

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained at least 20 Palestinians across the occupied West Bank overnight Tuesday, local sources and the Israeli army said.

Two Palestinians were arrested from Jenin district, including a journalist, Muhammad Ali Atiq, who was apprehended during a raid into Birqin village west of Jenin that saw another Palestinian shot and killed by Israeli forces.

Israeli forces detained Yasser Ghaleb Abu Jaafar from Jenin city after raiding his family home.

In southern Nablus, local sources said that Ali al-Safadi, a Palestinian intelligence officer, and his 22-year-old son Sharif were detained by Israeli forces from their home in Urif village.

Israeli forces reportedly confiscated a gun after searching the house for several hours.

Local sources said that Israeli forces detained Ahmad Issam Faqih, 20, from the Iraq Burin village in southern Nablus.

Israeli forces also raided Qusra village in Nablus, searching several homes there before leaving without any detentions.

In Qalqiliya district, Israeli forces detained a Palestinian, Muhammad Bashir Ahmad Rube, 33, from the town of Hajja and confiscated 30,000 shekels and 9,000 JD worth of gold, Rube's family told Ma'an.

They said that Israeli forces raided the house at 3 a.m., confiscating the money and gold after searching the home, before they left with Rube.

Local sources reported that Israeli forces detained a Palestinian youth from Hebron city and another from Deir Samit in southwestern Hebron.

Locals said that Israeli forces detained Ali Waddah Shihadeh after raiding and searching his home on al-Shuhada Street in central Hebron.

Israeli forces also detained Alaa Nidal al-Huroub, a university student, after raiding his house in Deir Samit.

An Israeli army spokeswoman confirmed that 20 arrests were carried out across the occupied West Bank.

She said that three "Hamas operatives" were detained in Jenin city, Qalqiliya and west of Hebron.

She said that of the other 17 detainees, one Palestinian was apprehended in Jenin district, four in Nablus, one in Qalqiliya, six in Ramallah, two in Bethlehem, and three in Hebron.

She said they were detained for "illegal activity," without providing further detail.

Israeli forces routinely detain Palestinians throughout the West Bank and East Jerusalem, often on the pretext of perceived security threats, and Addameer estimates that 40 percent of the Palestinian male population has been arrested at some point.

Nearly 6,000 Palestinian prisoners are currently being held in Israeli jails.

journalist, Muhammad Ali Atiq, detained 7/21/2015
Ali al-Safadi and his son Sharif detained 7/21/2015
Yasser Ghaleb Abu Jaafar detained 7/21/2105
Ahmad Issam Faqih, 20, detained 7/21/2015
Muhammad Bashir Ahmad Rube, 33, detained 7/21/2015
Ali Waddah Shihadeh detained 7/21/2015
Alaa Nidal al-Huroub detained 7/21/2015
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