Settler caught after trying to steal horse from Palestinian farmer

12:00 Mar 10 2014 near Eli settlement

Photos and Video: Zakaria Sadah, Rabbis for Human Rights

11 March 2014

Yesterday, a young man from the settlement Kohav HaShahar tried to steal a horse from a Palestinian farmer of Luban Sharkia. The farmer was out working, and his horse was tethered nearby. The settler apparently got out of a car, took the horse, and began riding him towards the Eli settlement. The farmer managed to catch the setter and disarm him (He had a knife.). The farmer than brought the settler with him to the village. RHR field worker Zakaria Sadah arrived and helped make the arrangements for the Israeli security forces to take custody of the horse thief. The settler acknowledged that he had been treated decently, given coffee, etc. The settler’s body language in the photos and video indicate that he was not feeling threatened. Photos and video footage below.
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