Israeli intelligence tried to recruit al-Jazeera journalist

12:00 Aug 12 2011 Betah Tekva (Peta Tiqwa) detention center

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- Samer Allawi, who is detained by the Israeli occupation authorities said that the Israeli intelligence tried to recruit him but he refused and that he was threatened with being accused of something serious.

Allawi, a Palestinian journalist who works as al-Jazeera’s correspondent in Afghanistan, was visited by the lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society in Betah Tekva detention centre where he is being detained.

Allawi told the lawyer that his detention is to do with his work as a journalist in Afghanistan and called on human rights organisations and international journalist bodies to pressure the Israeli occupation to release him.

The Israeli occupation police extended the detention of Allawi to eight days on the pretext of completing interrogation.

He was detained on Tuesday at the Allenby Bridge on his way to Jordan after the end of a visit he made to his family in the village of Sabastya near Nablus.

The Israelis informed his family that he was being detained for four days for interrogation, but refused to say the reason for his detention claiming that it was on a security background.
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