6 injured, 1 Palestinian teen detained in reported shooting, stabbing attack in Petah Tikva

16:30 Feb 9 2017 Petah Tikva

6 injured, 1 Palestinian teen detained in reported shooting, stabbing attack in Petah Tikva 6 injured, 1 Palestinian teen detained in reported shooting, stabbing attack in Petah Tikva 6 injured, 1 Palestinian teen detained in reported shooting, stabbing attack in Petah Tikva
Scene. Published by Maan News

A bus following a shooting attack in Petah Tikva, Israel, February 9, 2017. Credit: Moti Milrod. Published by Haaretz

The Petah Tikva sewing machine repair shop, in which the terror suspect was captured, subdued and disarmed, February 9, 2017. Credit: Moti Milrod. Published by Haaretz

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- A 19-year-old Palestinian from the Nablus area village of Beita in the northern occupied West Bank was detained late Thursday afternoon at a market in the central Israeli town of Petah Tikva, in connection with a reported shooting and stabbing attack that has left six people injured, according to Israeli police.

Israeli police spokesperson Luba al-Samri said in a statement that the teen was caught and disarmed by locals before being detained by Israeli police, at which time he was unharmed with the firearm still in his hand.

Initial reports from al-Samri around 5 p.m said that three people were injured with minor gunshot wounds, including a man in his fifties, a woman in her fifties, and another woman in her thirties.

In addition, al-Samri said a man in his forties was taken to the hospital after he was stabbed.

The identities of the four injured people remained unknown.
“Police are still investigating whether the shooting and the stabbing are related,” al-Samri said, adding that “a suspect, seemingly Palestinian, was arrested as police rushed to the scene for investigations.”

According to Israeli police the incidents are being treated as “terrorist attacks.”

A police foreign spokesman confirmed that the alleged Palestinian attacker was detained at the scene, adding that investigations on the attack were continuing and "security measures" have been implemented "in and around public areas."

This is a developing story.

Five Wounded in Suspected Shooting Attack in Central Israeli City
Suspect arrested after incident near Petah Tikvah's open-air market.

by Yaniv Kubovich for Haaretz
Feb 09, 2017 6:16 PM

Five people were hospitalized following a suspected shooting attack in the central Israeli city of Petah Tikvah.

They were evacuated to the city's Beilinson hospital along with three people who were treated for shock.

The police arrested an 18-year-old youth from Nablus, who is suspected of commiting the attack. The police commented that the suspect shot at passersby in Petah Tivka's open-air market. When his weapon apparently jammed, he grabbed a sharp object and stabbed a civilian.

A spokesman for the police's central disctrict, Chief Superintendent Ami Ben David, stated, "An 18-year-old resident of Nablus arrived at the market in the Petah Tivka market, opened fire from a long gun on Baron Hirsch Street and then ran through the street until at a certain point he stopped shooting."

Ben David said civilians chased after him and eventually overtook him inside a sewing machine repair shop. "The police arrived and took away his weapon very quickly," he noted. "The man was taken for investigation by Israel Police."

Medics from Magen David Adom emergency responders treated three people injured by gunshot wounds to their lower bodies.

Beilinson hospital in Petah Tikva reported admitting two people with light shooting wounds in their lower extremities, one person in moderate condition with dark bruises,one person with a moderate stab wound, one person with superficial wounds and two people suffering psychological trauma. In addition, MDA said a 30-year-old man was brought to the hospital after suffering a head wound during the incident.

A spokesman for MDA said the shooting victims were a man and a woman each in their 50s as well as a woman in her 30s. In addition, a man about 40 was suffering from a stab to his upper body, according to MDA.

An MDA medic said he found the 40-year-old man conscious with a wound to his neck. The man told him he was stabbed trying to capture the suspect.

One of the injured victims, Avi Assaf, told Haaretz: "I stood on Salor Street and I heard shots and shouts of 'terrorist, terrorist.' I saw the terrorist running. He entered a sewing shop and tried to stab me. He somehow stabbed me with a screwdriver and then all the rest entered."

He added: "We were four to five people who beat him into submission because he did not want to give up. They beat him with a club and a stone."
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