Israeli forces arrest Palestinian lawmaker in Ramallah

12:00 Jul 2 2013 Ramallah

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained Palestinian lawmaker Muhammad Abu Teir on Tuesday after an arrest raid in Ramallah, a prisoners center said.

The Ahrar center for prisoner rights said that Israeli forces raided the neighborhood of Kafr Aqab and detained Abu Teir from his home after surrounding the property.

An Israeli army spokeswoman said "he was detained for involvement with the Hamas terror organization."

In 2011, an Israeli military court ordered the deportation of Abu Teir from Jerusalem to Ramallah.

Abu Teir had taken shelter in the ICRC building along with another Hamas legislator, Muhammad Abu Teir, and former PA minister Khalid Abu Arafa, after Israeli authorities revoked their Jerusalem residency permits.

In a statement issued in June 2010, after Israel ordered the men to leave Jerusalem, the three Hamas men wrote: "We as sons of Jerusalem have never left it before ... we emphasize that we will remain here and never leave it."

The ICRC has said it told Israeli authorities that international humanitarian law prohibited the forcible transfer of Palestinian residents from their homes.
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