Occupation Civil Administration Approves New Medical Clinic in Jordan Rift Valley

12:00 Aug 4 2011 Al-Jiftlik, Jordan Valley

The Civil Administration has issued the Jiftlik community a building permit for a new medical facility on the 30th of June 2011. The new and improved medical clinic will serve the Jiftlik community and is being promoted and funded by the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). The statutory procedures which followed the request for the building permit submitted by the Jiftlik community and the GIZ included awarding the plot to the community and approving the plans.

Several joint field trips to the site were undertaken by the representatives of the Civil Administration, the GIZ, and Mr. Abed Kassab, the Head of the Jiftlik community, in order to promote the statutory process.

Concerns raised by the Staff Officer for Archeology in the Civil Administration regarding the probable existence of an archeological site in the vicinity of the plot earmarked for the construction necessitated an archeological survey.

Despite the fact that the funding of such an activity is part of the responsibilities of the promoter of the project, the Civil Administration earmarked over two hundred thousand NIS for this important endeavor. The Civil Administration archeological team headed by Yuval Peleg promoted the survey in short notice. The survey soon developed into a salvage dig and yielded a wealth of archeological finds from the Byzantine era.

Following the conclusion of the salvage dig, the plans for the Jiftlik medical centre were altered in order to prevent damage to the new-found site and the building permit was issued thereafter and handed over to Mr. Ulrich Nitschke, the Head of the GIZ mission. The construction of the clinic is expected to begin in a few months.

The medical clinic promoted by GIZ is a second project permitted by the Civil Administration in recent days in the West Bank. In May 2010 the project to construct a municipal building received its building permit from the Civil Administration.

Thanks to the generous aid of the Japan International Cooperation Agency, the Jiftlik municipality was fully constructed and inaugurated on the 5th of July, 2011. The Civil Administration is committed to project implementation and coordination with Palestinian and international organizations in the region.
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