PHR Israel Statement On Hunger Striking Detainee Sharawna

12:00 Nov 23 2012 Assaf Harofeh hospital, 15 km from Tel Aviv, Israel

by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC News

Physicians for Human Rights Israel (PHR) issued a statement revealing that an independent PHR doctor visited hunger striking detainee, Ayman Sharawna, who has been on hunger strike for 141 days, and stated that Sharawna is facing life threatening conditions.

he doctor strongly recommended transferring Sharawna to a public hospital instead of the prison clinic where he is being held and shackled to his bed despite his very bad, and continuously deteriorating health condition.

PHR-Israel said that due to the extreme weakness and very bad health condition of Sharawna, Shackling him is completely unjustified.

Ayman was kidnapped by the Israeli army on January 31, 2012 and started his hunger strike on July, 7, 2012. So far, he has lost 38 Kilograms (from 111kg down to 73kg).

Since his arrest, he has been held under an administrative detention oder which allows the Israeli military to circumnavigate due process and hold detainees without charges or trial; Sharawna is demanding that he be released.

PHR-Israel said that Sharawna has intensified his hunger strike and is refusing medical examination or treatment, adding that that last blood test conducted was 4 weeks ago.

It also stated that when examined by an independent PHR doctor on Thursday, the physician stated that the physiological balance of the detainee “can be infringed at any given moment, and find its expression in life threatening disturbances as neurological damage or cardiac disorder”.

PHR Israel said that Sharawna wishes to intensify his strike to include not drinking any liquids, an issue that would pose further threats to his life.

PHR Israel further stated that, "[s]upervision in a medical center that will allow for close monitoring is essential for a swift diagnosis of any change in his condition, and for performing of resuscitation. Shackling to the bed, which is the determining factor in Ayman's objection to be transferred to a hospital outside the prison - and without going into the moral debate on shackling - is lacking any justification if one considers his physical condition and his extreme weakness."

It added that Ayman must be hospitalized to receive optimal care and monitoring, and stressed on the fact the shackling him is unethical and unnecessary.

In related news, the Center for the Defense of Liberties and Human Rights (Hurryyat) issued a press release demanding UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and all international human rights institutions, especially the Red Cross, Amnesty International, and the Human Rights Council to intervene and save the lives of Sharawna and detainee Samer al-Esawy, due to their bad and deteriorating health conditions.

Hurryyat held Israel completely responsible for their lives and demanded Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and Prime Minister, Dr. Salaam Fayyad, and all Palestinian Ambassadors to act on the international level in order to pressure Israel into stopping its illegal violations and to release the two detainees “before it is too late”.

It is worth mentioning that detainee al-Esawy, from al-Esawiyya in occupied East Jerusalem, has been on hunger strike for 115 days now.

According to Hurryyat, both detainees were moved Thursday to the Israeli hospital Asaf Harofe due to a sharp deterioration of their health conditions.

They need specialized medical attention and treatments; the two detainees, similar to hundreds of detainees held under the illegal administrative detention policy, never faced charges and their imprisonment is illegal under international law.
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