Settlers Break into Al-Aqsa Mosque Yards

18:00 Oct 4 2012 al-Aqsa mosque, Jerusalem, near Dung Gate Bridge

JERUSALEM, October 4, 2012 (WAFA) – Around 50 Jewish settlers early Thursday morning broke into al-Aqsa mosque yards through Bab El-Magharbeh (Dung Gate) bridge, performing Talmudic rituals, under Israeli police protection, according to witnesses.

A number of Al-Aqsa guards said settlers broke into the mosque, protected by Israeli police, and performed Jewish rituals and prayers.

They said Israeli police since early morning imposed tight restrictions on the entry of worshipers to al-Aqsa Mosque, as well as imposed a ban on the entry of dozens others.



Jewish Fanatics Intensify Provocative Tours of Al-Aqsa

JERUSALEM, October 3, 2012 (WAFA) – Jewish fanatics intensified Wednesday their provocative tours of the yards of al-Aqsa Mosque, one of Islam’s holiest sites in Jerusalem, according to Muslim officials.

They said fanatics protected by Israeli police have increased their tours of the yards this week as Jews mark Sukkot holiday.

Police has restricted presence of Muslims in the Mosque area in fear of outbreak of confrontations between them and the Jewish fanatics who perform religious ceremonies that provoke strong reaction from Muslim worshippers at the compound.

Witnesses said Muslims yell God is great every time the Jewish fanatics start religious rituals causing the police to interfere and arrest the Muslims.

Muslims confronted on Tuesday the fanatics headed by a senior member of the ruling Likud Party when they attempted to hold prayers and police moved quickly to evacuate the Israelis to contain the situation.

Police claim the tours are part of daily activity and are open to everyone regardless of their religion.

The Muslim Waqf, which runs the al-Aqsa compound and which houses the structures of al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, says the Jewish fanatics have an intention to create a de facto situation that would allow them to hold prayers on the compound to eventually take it over.

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