The IOF arrest four in al-Khalil and Qalqilya, including a minor

12:00 Sep 30 2012 Azzun and Hebron (Ibrahimi Mosque)

AL-KHALIL,(PIC)-- Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested on Sunday four Palestinians, including a minor, during raids targeting the cities of Qalqilya and al-Khalil and surrounding villages in the northern and southern West Bank.

Palestinian sources said that an Israeli military force raided in the early hours of Sunday morning, the town of Azzun east of Qalqilya, and arrested three youths, Mutassim Radwan, Ahmed Radwan and Abdel-Latif Swedan, after breaking into their homes and searching them.

Palestinian security sources in al-Khalil also said that the IOF arrested, on Sunday, the child Mohammed Ghneimat, 16, from the town of Surif, northern al-Khalil while trying to enter the Ibrahimi mosque.

Local sources confirmed that IOF arrested the child Mahmoud Ghanimat and took him to an unknown destination, as soldiers raided towns in the south of the city, Kharsa and Sorrah and Taramah southern al-Khalil, no arrests were registered.

The occupation forces stepped up its military measures in al-Khalil during the past few days under the pretext of “Jewish holidays”.
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