Gaza Water Unfit For Human Consumption

12:02 Jun 15 2012 Gaza

by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies

Several charitable nongovernmental organizations in the Gaza Strip issued a statement warning the residents that drinking water in Gaza is unfit for human consumption, and adding that the water in the coastal region cannot be consumed by human beings due to the fact that it is contaminated with chemical manure, and waste-water.

The Save the Children Foundation in the Gaza Strip and the Medical Aid Foundation reported that the number of children who got sick and are being treated for various health complication, including diarrhea, has doubled in the last five years.

They added that the sewage system in the coastal regions does not function due to the fact that it was repeatedly bombarded by Israel, an issue that led to polluting the water in the entire Gaza Strip.

Israel is claiming that is “eased the siege” on the Gaza Strip, by allowing the entry of certain goods and products, including products urgently needed for the reconstruction of the coastal region.

Israel repeatedly bombards the Gaza Strip, targeting its infrastructure, in addition to targeting what it claims to be “training centers” for resistance fighters in Gaza.

During its three-week war on Gaza (December 28 - 2008 – January 19 – 2009) Israel bombarded bridges, streets, infrastructure, agricultural areas, medical facilities, educational facilities, mosques, media centers and personnel, and even UNRWA facilities, including schools.

At least 1419 Palestinians were killed during the war, thousands were injured, and dozens of seriously wounded Palestinians died of their wounds later on.

Most of the casualties were civilians, including women, children, elderly and infants, in addition to firefighters and rescue teams.

On the Israeli side, 13 Israelis were killed by Palestinian fire and shells; eight of them were soldiers, and five of the eight soldiers were killed by “friendly fire”.
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