Jenin: Israeli Army Kills Three More Palestinians, Including Two Children

06:00 May 22 2024 Jenin (جنين) and Jenin refugee camp ( مخيّم جنين )

Photos: Published by IMEMC News
Sami Amin Ahmad Al-Qaisi, 18.
Mahmoud Fares Qarini, 16.
Waseem Ahed Jaradat, 15

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by IMEMC News
May 23, 2024

For the second consecutive day, the Israeli army have continued their military incursion in the northern West Bank city of Jenin and its refugee camp, killing three Palestinians, including two children, and injuring others with live rounds.

Occupation forces stormed the city on Tuesday morning, killed 8 Palestinians, and injured at least twenty-one others, while pushing many reinforcements into various neighborhoods in the city and its camp.

The slain Palestinians are as follows;

1. Allam Ziyad Jaradat, 48,

2. Dr. Osaid Kamal Jabarin, 51,

3. Mahmoud Amjad Hamadna, 15,

4. Osama Mohammad Hojeir, 16,

5. Amir Essam Abu Amira, 22,

6. Moammar Mohammad Abu Amira, 50,

7. Bassem Mahmoud Turkman, 53,

8. Jihad Mohammad Taleb, 38,

9. Sami Amin Ahmed Al-Qaisi, 18,

10. Mahmoud Fares Qarini, 16, and

11. Waseem Ahed Jaradat, 15.

Media sources said that on Wednesday morning, Israeli forces shot a Palestinian young man in the pelvis with live rounds, abducted, assaulted, abused citizens, and subjected many of them to interrogation.

Amid the overhead flight of reconnaissance drones, soldiers stormed and ransacked dozens of home in the Jenin refugee camp.

Occupation forces continued to besiege the Jenin Governmental Hospital, while sharpshooters were positioned in its vicinity, while bulldozers continued to sabotage vital infrastructure, causing a disruption to power, internet, and communication, in large areas of the city and its camp.

In the afternoon, media sources reported that Israeli forces shot at least seven Palestinians with live ammunition, while others were abducted, including a woman.

Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said that its ambulance crews transported an injured young man who was shot more than once, to hospital, while he was present in the camp.
Soldiers shot and injured another young man in the Al-Damj neighborhood in the Jenin camp, while ambulance crews had difficulty reaching him due to the ongoing incursion of the army.

According to Fawaz Hammad, the director of Al-Razi Hospital, three Palestinians were brought in to hospital, including a child, and two of whom sustained serious gunshot wounds.

It was added that an additional two young men were shot by occupation forces near the Western cemetery in the city.

Soldiers abducted the paramedic, Mohammad Hazem Masarwa, while he was on duty, providing medical treatment to injured citizens, in addition to abducting the citizen, Hilal Jalamna, and a woman from Al-Hamid family, after invading their homes in the camp.

It was added that soldiers confiscated several cell phones from citizens, and used residents as human shields.

The army fired “Energa” missiles into the home of the citizen, Taha Abu Sariya, causing damage to the home and dozens of others in the camp.

The army continued to attack the Jenin camp and its vicinity, concentrated in the Al-Hadaf, Al-Jabriyat, and Khallet Al-Souha neighborhoods.

Occupation forces continued to obstruct the work of ambulance crews performing their duties, detaining and searching ambulances heading to the Jenin Governmental Hospital

On Wednesday evening, the death of a Palestinian child and a young man were announced as a result of live ammunition fired from Israeli soldiers in the city.

Fawaz Hammad, the director of the Al-Razi Hospital, announced that the young man, Sami Amin Ahmed Al-Qaisi, 18, was shot and killed by the army, while the Ministry of Health announced the death of the child, Mahmoud Fares Qarini, 16.

Eyewitness reports revealed that occupation forces executed the child, Qarini and shot his friend in the foot, after chasing them.
The two youths ran from the soldiers, who found them, surrounded the home, and shot the child from point-blank range, and denied medical treatment to him after blocking ambulance crews.

Soldiers stormed the home of Anas Fadi Jarrar, before abducting him, and damaged an ambulance in the courtyard of his family home.

On Wednesday night, it was confirmed that a third young man was killed by occupation forces, bringing the total to eleven citizens executed since the beginning of the current military incursion on Tuesday morning.

The Ministry of Health announced that soldiers shot and killed the child, Waseem Ahed Jaradat, 15, while a correspondent for the Palestinian News and Information Agency (WAFA), quoted local medical sources who said the child was killed near the western entrance to the city, on Jenin-Haifa Street.
In total, the occupation army has killed eleven Palestinians, including four children, during its current military assault against the city of Jenin and its refugee camp, and injured at least 28 citizens.

Media sources said that after midnight Wednesday/Thursday, military reinforcements were sent to the hotel in the city center, where journalists were staying, surrounded it, and opened fire towards it with live rounds, injuring a hotel worker.

It was added that a military bulldozer destroyed one of the hotel rooms, and abducted an unidentified young man from the area.

Israeli forces have now killed 518 Palestinian civilians, including 129 children, while 20 Palestinians have been killed by illegal paramilitary Israeli colonizers, in various regions of the occupied West Bank, since October 7, 2023.

Sami Amin Ahmad Al-Qaisi, 18, Mahmoud Fares Qarini, 16, Waseem Ahed Jaradat, 15, reported killed by Israeli forces 5/22/2024
Anas Fadi Jarrar and an unidentified Palestinian reported detained 5/22/2024
Hilal Jalamna, a woman from Al-Hamid family, and a paramedic, Mohammad Hazem Masarwa, detained 5/22/2024
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