Day 209: Israeli Aggression in Gaza Continues; Dozens of Killed and Injured

12:00 May 2 2024 Al-Mughraqa ( المغراقة), az-Zahra’ (الزهراء), Al-Bureij refugee camp, Khan Younis, Bani Suheila (بني سهيلا), Abasan, Khuza’a, Zeitoun, Al-Sheja’eyya, Sheikh Ijlin, & Tal Al-Hawa

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Updated: On Thursday, Day 209 of Israel’s aggression against the people of Gaza, Israeli airstrikes killed dozens of Palestinians and injured many more in central, eastern and southern Gaza.

The army shelled and bombed various areas in the southern, the central and the northern parts of the Gaza Strip, while extensively firing missiles and shells at various areas, east of Rafah, in the Gaza Strip’s southmost part.

A correspondent with the Wafa news agency reported the killing of 6 Palestinians in the Israeli occupation shelling of the city of Al-Zahra, north of Al-Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip. Ambulance and rescue crews and families recovered 3 bodies of deceased Palestinians, following a series of raids launched by the Israeli occupation aircraft on the northwestern area of the camp.

The army also fired many artillery shells at homes and buildings in the Al-Mughraqa and az-Zahra’ area, north of Nusseirat, and in Al-Boreij refugee camp, in central Gaza.

In Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip, a civilian was killed, and others were wounded in Israeli shelling and missile strikes on the Qaa’ al-Qurain area, southeast of Khan Yunis, and areas in Bani Suheila, Abasan and Khuza’a, east of the city.

In Gaza City, Israeli warplanes bombed a residential building belonging to the Eshteiwi family in Al-Zeitoun neighborhood, south of Gaza City, killing two civilians and injuring others, while a number of missing people are still under the rubble.

Israeli warplanes launched a raid targeting a house in Al-Sheja’eyya neighborhood, east of the city, and Israeli artillery targeted homes and lands of citizens in the neighborhoods of Sheikh Ejleen, Tal Al-Hawa and Zeitoun, southwest of Gaza City.

Israeli artillery targeted camps of internally displaced Palestinians living in tents east of Rafah.

The Israeli occupation allowed 30 trucks of humanitarian aid to enter the north of Gaza through Beit Hanoun crossing for the first time in 7 months. Palestinians in the northern Gaza Strip have faced forced starvation, with over 40 Palestinians children and infants dying of malnutrition and dehydration in the past two months.

Various armed resistance groups in Gaza continued to exchange fire with the invading Israeli soldiers and targeted many tanks and armored vehicles with shells.

On his part, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netnayhau, said Israel will go ahead with a massive ground invasion of Rafah, whether a ceasefire and a prisoner-swap agreement was reached or not.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said the Israeli army committed three massacres against families, killing 28 and wounding 51, mostly women and children, in less the 24 hours.

In an ongoing tally, medical sources announced that the death toll in the Gaza Strip had risen to 34.596, including at least 14.873 children, and 9.801 women, and the injuries rose to 77,815, mainly women and children, since the start of the Israeli occupation aggression on the seventh of last October. Thousands of Palestinians remain under the rubble, and many remain on streets and in alleys in heavily bombarded areas across the destroyed coastal enclave.

First Published on: May 2, 2024 at 11:19

Israeli shelling reported 5/2/2024
6 Palestinians reported killed, 3 bodies recovered 5/2/2024
Israeli shelling reported continuing 5/2/2024
A Palestinian civilian reported killed, others wounded, by Israeli shelling 5/2/2024
Israeli shelling and missile strikes reported 5/2/2024
Israeli shelling and missile strikes reported 5/2/2024
Israeli shelling and missile strikes reported 5/2/2024
Israeli shelling and missile strikes reported 5/2/2024
Eshteiwi family-owned building bombed, killing two, injuring others, 5/2/2024
Israeli shelling reported 5/2/2024
Israeli shelling reported 5/2/2024
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