Israeli Army Invades West Bank Before Dawn Monday

05:00 Mar 11 2024 Nablus (نابلس) & Tulkarem (طولكرم) cities; and Balata (بلاطة) & Nur Shams (مخيّم نور شمس) refugee camps; and al-Aqsa Mosque (جامع الأقصى)

Israeli Army Invades West Bank Before Dawn Monday
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Mar 11, 2024

Israeli occupation forces stormed, at dawn on Monday, several parts of the West Bank – particularly in the north around Nablus and Tulkarem.

Israeli troops invaded the city of Nablus and the Balata camp east of Nablus, where they were met with resistance from local Palestinians.

Israeli occupation authorities tightened their military measures, deploying 23 battalions throughout the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem, coinciding with the advent of the month of Ramadan.

Local sources reported that the Israeli occupation forces, accompanied by a D9 armored bulldozer and a number of military vehicles, stormed the eastern part of the city of Nablus.

The forces then stormed Balata camp, where clashes broke out, described by local sources as “violent,” and explosions and gunfire were heard.

Eyewitnesses told the Palestinian news agency Wafa that a mechanized military force stormed the camp and stationed itself inside several neighborhoods, firing heavy gunfire.

The raid coincided with the prayers commemorating the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, a time when Muslims around the world fast and pray.

Local sources said that the occupation soldiers abducted a Palestinian and chased a number of young men.

Various social media outlets published pictures showing the destruction of the entrances to some homes by Israeli troops.

Also Monday morning, Israeli occupation forces stormed the city of Tulkarem and its refugee camp, and the Nour Shams camp, amid the destruction of infrastructure and the outbreak of confrontations.

The Palestinian Wafa news agency reported that the Israeli occupation forces stormed the city of Tulkarem with more than 25 vehicles and 4 bulldozers, from its western and southern axes, and deployed in its various streets connecting it to the vicinity of the Tulkarem camp.

The sources added that immediately after the raid, the Israeli occupation bulldozers began bulldozing the infrastructure and digging the street near Al-Alimi roundabout in the city.

Wafa reported that the Israeli occupation vehicles continued their way towards Nour Shams camp, east of Tulkarm, passing through Al-Sikka Street and Aktaba roundabout, and their bulldozers bulldozed the vicinity of the Martyr Saif Abu Lebda roundabout, at the western entrance to the camp, which was the second time in two days that they attacked that area to destroy the memorial and roundabout.

The Israeli occupation forces stationed their vehicles in Jabal Al-Nasr neighborhood and Al-Maslakh neighborhood in the camp, and bulldozed the main street opposite the entrance to the camp and the vicinity of Al-Nasr Mosque.

Clashes took place in the vicinity of the camp, amid the sounds of violent explosions.

Israeli occupation bulldozers vandalized citizens’ property at the entrance to Al-Manshiya neighborhood, and demolished a car wash belonging to Moatasem Al-Ali, who was assassinated by the Israeli occupation forces on the 7th of February.

The infrastructure was also destroyed in various streets and neighborhoods of the camp, including the school neighborhood and the Qalansuwa neighborhood, amid the firing of bombs into the sky of the camp.

The occupation forces stormed Tulkarem refugee camp after their vehicles withdrew from Nour Shams camp, following a military operation that lasted five hours.

The occupation bulldozers bulldozed the infrastructure in Haret Al Madaris Street at the northern entrance to the camp and Haret Al Balouneh Street, while they deployed their vehicles along Nablus Street in front of the camp and the roads leading to it, specifically the Al Oqda and Jabal Al Sayed roundabout in the Thanaba suburb, amid the outbreak of violent clashes.

On Sunday evening, the Israeli occupation forces obstructed the entry of hundreds of worshipers into the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem to perform Tarawih prayers and detained thousands of civilians at the gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque and impeded their access to it. The forces imposed restrictions on young men entering Al-Aqsa to perform Tarawih prayers, and women were allowed to enter if they were over the age of 40.

The Israeli occupation forces have imposed a strict siege on Al-Aqsa Mosque for five months, preventing entry to it. They have issued dozens of deportation orders against Jerusalemites, in order to prevent them from praying during the month of Ramadan.

Israeli mechanized forces reported invading various neighborhoods 3/11/2024
Israeli armored vehicles and bulldozer reported invading & firing; one unidentified Palestinian detained 3/11/2024
More than 25 vehicles and 4 bulldozers reported invading & destroying infrastructure 3/11/2024
Israeli forces reported invading camp for ~ 5 hours, bulldozing infrastructure 3/11/2024
Israeli forces reported obstructing entry of young men for evening Tarawih prayers 3/10/2024
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