Far-right Israeli Settler to Remain in Detention Without Trial Over Risk of West Bank Violence

12:00 Feb 27 2024 Israel ( יִשְׂרָאֵל0 * دَوْلَة إِسْرَائِيل‎ ) and israel's Kumi Ori settlement

Far-right Israeli Settler to Remain in Detention Without Trial Over Risk of West Bank Violence Far-right Israeli Settler to Remain in Detention Without Trial Over Risk of West Bank Violence
Far-right extremist Ariel Danino, last year. Credit: Sraya Diamant Published by Haaretz

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant at the Northern Command, on Sunday. Credit: Ariel Hermoni, Defense Ministry Published by Haaretz

Ariel Danino will be kept in administrative detention for another three months after his initial detention in October, Israel's defense minister decided, due to the potential of fomenting violence in the West Bank

by Hagar Shezaf for Haaretz
Feb 28, 2024 11:51 am IST

Right-wing extremist Ariel Danino will remain in detention for another three months because he still poses a threat, Israel's Defense Minister Yoav Gallant decided on Tuesday.

Danino lives in the illegal outpost of Kumi Ori, near the settlement of Yitzhar. He was put into administrative detention, or detention without trial, in October and was supposed to have been released on Wednesday, since the detention order was originally for four months. Now, however, he will remain in jail until at least the end of May.

Danino, a well-known activist in the illegal outposts, was very active on social media, including spreading content that incites to violence. When he was arrested shortly after the war with Hamas began on October 7, defense officials said he had also been involved in violence against Palestinians in the West Bank, and that was why he was being detained.

On Tuesday, the Defense Ministry said new information indicated that Danino still poses a threat of fomenting violence in the West Bank. It also noted that there has been a sharp rise in activity by the violent outpost residents known as hilltop youth since the war began.

Far-right-wing activists posted calls on social media Tuesday night for people to demonstrate outside Gallant's house in Moshav Amikam as well as on the Chords Bridge at the entrance to Jerusalem.

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir lambasted Gallant, saying, "He didn't put senior officials of the United Arab List party in administrative detention, though its ties with an organization belonging to Hamas were recently revealed." He then added, "Instead of repulsing the false, contemptible campaign about 'settler violence,' Gallant is fueling it."

Administrative detention means the detainee has not and almost certainly won't be indicted. Moreover, neither he nor his lawyer are informed of the full suspicions against him or shown all the evidence.

In addition to Danino, three other Jews are currently in administrative detention – Amitzur Ben-Yosef, Tal Yinon Dardik and Noam Mermelstein. As of the beginning of February, 3,484 Palestinians were in administrative detention.

Attorney Adi Keidar of the Honenu organization, which represents many right-wing extremists, termed the extension of Danino's detention "a reward for terror and the Americans."

Referring to the Shin Bet security service unit that deals with Jewish extremists, he added, "the real terror is leaving the Jewish department in place, which wastes human resources and, instead of diverting them to locating terrorists and dealing with the daily difficulties faced by residents of Judea and Samaria [West Bank], continues to pursue Jews. The time has come, especially given the Shin Bet's failures on October 7, to do some housecleaning in the Shin Bet. And the sooner the better."
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