Israeli Forces Bomb a Home, Abduct Eight Citizens, in Jenin

03:00 Feb 13 2024 Jenin (جنين), Jenin refugee camp ( مخيّم جنين ), Sir (صير), Kafr Dan (كفر دان), al-Yamun (اليامون), & Arraba (عرّابة)

Israeli Forces Bomb a Home, Abduct Eight Citizens, in Jenin
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by IMEMC News
Feb 14, 2024

Israeli forces, on Tuesday, bombed a Palestinian-owned home, south of Jenin in the northern occupied West Bank, destroyed infrastructure in the city of Jenin and its refugee camp, and abducted at least eight citizens.

Before dawn on Tuesday, Israeli forces stormed the northern West Bank city of Jenin, sparking protests among local Palestinians.

Many military vehicles, including bulldozers, invaded the city from Haifa Street, while a reconnaissance drone hovered over the city and its camp.

At the Al-Ahmadin roundabout, near the entrance to the city, local Palestinians confronted the invading army.

Military bulldozers caused destruction to the infrastructure both in the city and it refugee camp, while Palestinians resisted the military attack.

Bulldozers also destroyed Palestinian-owned vehicles in Al-Wahdan neighborhood, Freedom Theater Street, and the square area in the Jenin camp.

The army deployed infantry units in the Al-Saha area, Al-Damj, and Al-Hawashin neighborhoods.

In the morning, media sources reported that occupation forces stormed the village of Sir, south of Jenin, and besieged the home of the Irshid family.

The army demanded that the young man inside surrender himself and proceeded to fire “Energa” missiles into the home, causing damage and igniting a fire.

During the incursion, soldiers abducted the brothers, Salah, Hamza, and Abdul Qader, Khaled Suleiman Irshid, and Ahmed Shihab Irshid.

Meanwhile, at dawn, Israeli forces abducted Karim Nasser Amin Mar’i, after invading and ransacking his home in the town of Kafr Dan, northwest of the city.

Furthermore, the occupation army stormed and ransacked the home of Ahmed Ibrahim Abu Al-Hassan in the town of Al-Yamoun, northwest of Jenin.

On Tuesday afternoon, undercover Israeli soldiers (Musta’ribeen) infiltrated the Jenin refugee camp and besieged a home in the camp.

Reinforcements arrived later to support special forces, and abducted a Palestinian young man, while local youths protested the incursion.

Soldiers fired live rounds and concussion grenades without causing any injuries.

The army abducted Omar Hussein Fayed, 36, from the camp before withdrawing.

On Tuesday night, the army stormed the town of Arraba, southwest of Jenin, deployed infantry units in many neighborhoods, and fired flares into the sky.

Brothers, Salah, Hamza, and Abdul Qader, Khaled Suleiman Irshid, and Ahmed Shihab Irshid detained 2/13/2024
Karim Nasser Amin Mar’i detained 2/13/2024
The home of Ahmed Ibrahim Abu Al-Hassan reported ransacked by Israeli forces 2/13/2024
Omar Hussein Fayed detained 2/13/2024
Israeli forces deployed in neighborhoods, also destroying vehicles, 2/13/2024
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