Israeli Army Shoots a Palestinian, Abducts Eleven, in the West Bank

03:00 Feb 12 2024 Arraba (عرابة), Azzun (عزون), Tammun (تمّون), Khirbet Al-Hadidiya (خربة الحديدية), Balata refugee camp (مخيم بلاطة), Deir Ghassana (دير غسانة), and Al-Aqsa Mosque (المسجد الأقصى)

Israeli Army Shoots a Palestinian, Abducts Eleven, in the West Bank
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On Monday, Israeli forces invaded several regions in the occupied West Bank, shot one young man, and abducted eleven, after breaking into their homes.


In the northern West Bank, Israeli soldiers abducted Muhammad Nasser Izz al-Din, and Ayser Muhammad Nawaf Hammad in the town of Arraba, southwest of Jenin, after invading and ransacking their homes.

Soldiers also stormed Qabatiya town, south of the city and carried out a search campaign, sparking fierce protests.


In the northwestern part of the West Bank, the army abducted Saqr Fares Shubita and Tahseen Sayel Suwaidan, after breaking into their homes in Azzun town, east of Qalqilia.


At dawn Monday, occupation forces invaded the town of Tammoun, southeast of Tubas in the in the northeastern part of the occupied West Bank.

Military vehicles, and a military bulldozer, stormed the town, sparking protests among local Palestinians, while soldiers opened live fire, shooting a young man in the hand.

Israeli forces abducted the elderly Palestinian citizen, Mahmoud Marwah Suleiman Bsharat, 67, after invading his home.

Jordan Valley

Israeli soldiers abducted Tahseen Abdullah Hafez Bani Odeh, 33, in Khirbet Al-Hadidiya in the northern Jordan Valley.


East of Nablus, in the northern West Bank, many military vehicles, including a bulldozer, stormed the Balata refugee camp, fired many live rounds, and broke into several homes.

At least three unidentified Palestinian young men were abducted by Israeli forces before they withdrew.


In the central West Bank, the army abducted Muhammad Abdel Halim Yousef Daoud, 35, after storming and searching his home in the village of Deir Ghassana, northwest of Ramallah.

Occupied Jerusalem

In the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, Israeli forces assaulted and abducted an unidentified Palestinian young man inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) and the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs, the Israeli army has abducted 6,985 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank since the beginning of the military onslaught against the Gaza Strip since October 7, 2023.

In related news, Israeli soldiers invaded Al-Ram town, north of occupied Jerusalem, shot two Palestinian young men, and abducted six.

In the southern West Bank governorate of Hebron, Israeli soldiers invaded many areas, searched homes, and abducted eight Palestinians.

Israeli soldiers shot a young Palestinian man and abducted six, in the village of Tell, southwest of Nablus in the northern occupied West Bank.

Several Israeli military vehicles invaded Ramallah city, in the central occupied West Bank, before the soldiers shot a young man with live fire in the leg.

Muhammad Nasser Izz al-Din and Ayser Muhammad Nawaf Hammad detained 2/12/2024
Saqr Fares Shubita and Tahseen Sayel Suwaidan detained 2/12/2024
Mahmoud Marwah Suleiman Bsharat detained 2/12/2024
Tahseen Abdullah Hafez Bani Odeh detained 2/12/2024
Three unidentified Palestinian young men detained 2/12/2024
Muhammad Abdel Halim Yousef Daoud detained 2/12/2024
An unidentified Palestinian young man detained 2/12/2024
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