Israeli Army Detonates Home of Slain Palestinian in Hebron

06:00 Feb 8 2024 Hebron (الخليل )

Israeli Army Detonates Home of Slain Palestinian in Hebron
Scene. Source: Screenshot. Published by IMEMC News.

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by IMEMC News
Feb 9, 2024

Israeli soldiers detonated, at dawn Thursday, the home of a slain Palestinian young man in the southern occupied West Bank city of Hebron.

On Wednesday night, Israeli forces invaded the city of Hebron and besieged the home of the slain young man, Hasan Ma’moun Qfeisha, 28.

The army surrounded the multi-floor residential building, forcing its residents and those surrounding it out of their homes.

The army closed many of the main roads, obstructing the movement of citizens, while wiring the third floor apartment for detonation.

At dawn Thursday, occupation forces detonated the apartment causing damage to adjacent apartments and buildings.

On November 16, 2023 the three young men, Hasan Ma’moun Qfeisha, 28, Abdul-Qader Abdullah Al-Qawasma, 26, and Nasr Abdul-Afo Al-Qawasma, 17, were killed at the “tunnel” military roadblock west of Beit Jala, northwest of Bethlehem, south of occupied Jerusalem.

The three were allegedly involved in a shooting attack that killed one Israeli soldier and injured five others, including two who were moderately injured.

The army detonated the homes of the other two alleged perpetrators on January 21, in a clear act of collective punishment.
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