"Horrific videos coming out of Dura..."

12:00 Jan 15 2024 Dura (Doura, دورا )

Ahed Mohammed (Imteer?). Posted by Younis Tirawi | يونس

Mohammad Abu Sba'. Posted by Younis Tirawi | يونس

Body of a Palestinian man who was reportedly killed by the Israeli army in the town of Dura in the West Bank being taken away, on Monday. Credit: Marco Longari / AFP Published by Haaretz

Mohammed Abu Sabaa, 22, and Ahed Mohammed, 24. Published by IMEMC News

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Jan 15, 2024

Jalal #CeasefireNow

Horrific videos coming out of Dura, occupied West Bank, during a rampage by Israeli occupation forces today.

There are no "armed militants" in Dura.

Videos include killing of a young mother in her home, use of human shield, and soldiers brutalising an injured man on the ground.
The rampage lead to the injury of 9 (including a journalist) by live ammo fired by the Israeli forces. Four of those injured are in critical condition.

The rampage also killed two Palestinians, 22 year old Mohammad Abu Sba', and 24 years old Ahed Mohammad.
Reason why Israeli soldiers rampaged in the city today are unknown to the residents.

Some are saying it was because Dura municipality decided to raise the South African flag ????????

Videos below show Israeli forces raiding the municipality and arresting employees.

Younis Tirawi | يونس
Doura, Hebron |

Two Palestinians slaughtered in the town as Israeli occupation forces launced a rampage in the town.

Ahed Imteer 21 yo.
Mohammed Abo Sbea 23 yo man.

Two Palestinians Killed by Israeli Army Fire in West Bank; Soldiers Documented Kicking Man on Ground

A 24-year-old woman was reportedly fatally shot by IDF soldiers while standing on a nearby building, during clashes with Israeli forces. In a separate incident, a Palestinian man was killed by IDF fire in a separate incident

by Jack Khoury and Hagar Shezaf for Haaretz
Jan 15, 2024 9:36 pm IST

Two Palestinians, a man and a woman, were shot dead by Israeli forces on Monday in the town of Dura southwest of Hebron, the Palestinian Health Ministry says.

According to the report, the two are Ahed Mohammed, 24, who was shot in the head, and Mohammed Abu Sabaa, 22, who was shot in the chest. According to witnesses, Ahed was shot while standing on top of a building.

The Health Ministry also said that nine Palestinian who were wounded by IDF fire in the clashes in Dura were taken to hospital, some in serious condition.

Footage posted on social media shows Israeli soldiers in Dura kick a man lying on the floor and walk off without making an arrest. The IDF said it will look into the incident seen in the video.

According to the IDF, around 100 Palestinians gathered at an area where Israeli soldiers were operating, and threw firebombs and bricks at them. The soldiers responded with fire and crowd control measures.

The army added that the Palestinian man who was killed threw a firebomb at soldiers, and that it received a report "on the death of a Palestinian woman." It noted that the circumstances of the incident, and the woman's involvement in the clashes, are being investigated.

In a separate incident on Monday, the Palestinian Health Ministry reported that a Palestinian man was killed by IDF fire in the Nur Shams refugee camp, on the eastern outskirts of Tul Karm, in the central the West Bank.

The man was identified as Fares Halifa. According to local reports, he was an officer in the Palestinian security forces.

On Sunday, five Palestinians were killed by IDF gunfire in the West Bank in several incidents, including a 14-year-old Jordanian boy who was shot and killed by soldiers in the Ain al-Sultan refugee camp near Jericho, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

On Monday morning, a 79-year-old Israeli woman was killed, and 17 people were wounded in a ramming and stabbing attack in three different scenes in the central Israeli city of Ra'anana.

According to the Israeli Police, 44-year-old Mahmoud Zidat, an illegal worker from the Palestinian town of Bani Na'im in the West Bank, was arrested. The police have also detained the suspect's nephew, 25-year-old Ahmed Zidat from Bani Na'im, who was in the car with his uncle during the attack and had later fled the scene.

Israeli Soldiers Kill Two Palestinians, Including a Young Woman, Near Hebron

by IMEMC News
Jan 15, 2024

Israeli forces shot and killed, on Monday, a Palestinian young man and and a young woman, and injured dozens of others, in Doura town, southwest of the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

Several Israeli military vehicles stormed the town of Doura, southwest of Hebron, which sparked protests among local Palestinians.

Occupation soldiers fired live rounds, rubber-coated steel rounds, concussion grenades, and tear gas canisters towards those who resisted the incursion, causing many injuries.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that Mohammad Hasan Ibrahim Abu Sbaa’, 22, died as a result of critical wounds after Israeli forces shot him in the heart with live ammunition.

According to Mohammad Rabi, the director of Doura Governmental Hospital, a young woman and new mother, identified as ‘Ahed Mahmoud Awlad Mohammad, 23, died as a result of a live round to the head.

At least nine other Palestinian youths were shot, including four in serious condition, one of whom sustained a live round in the main artery of the thigh; all of whom were transported to Doura Governmental Hospital.

It was added that WAFA News Agency photographer, Mashhour Al-Wahwah was shot with a rubber-coated steel round.

Soldiers harassed and abused Palestinian citizens during the attack, while dozens of people suffered the toxic effects of tear gas inhalation.

The Israeli army harassed and abused citizens during the incursion, and abducted the shop-owner, Nour Abu Ras.
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