Ahed Tamimi on Israeli list of Palestinians to be freed in future exchange for Hamas hostages

01:00 Nov 27 2023 Nabi Salih (Saleh, النبي صالح) and Israel's Ofer Prison (כלא עופר)

Ahed Tamimi on Israeli list of Palestinians to be freed in future exchange for Hamas hostages Ahed Tamimi on Israeli list of Palestinians to be freed in future exchange for Hamas hostages
Ahed Tamimi in Madrid in 2018. Credit: JUAN CARLOS LUCAS / NurPhoto via AFP Published by Haaretz 11/7/2023

A man walks past a section of Israel's separation barrier painted with a portrait of Palestinian Ahed Tamimi, on November 6, 2023. Credit: Hazem Bader - AFP Published by Haaretz 11/27/2023

Israeli troops arrest Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi in West Bank

Nov 6, 2023

NABI SALEH, West Bank, Nov 6 (Reuters) - Israeli troops on Monday arrested a Palestinian activist, regarded in the occupied West Bank as a hero since she was a teenager, on suspicion of inciting violence, but her mother denied the claim and said it was based on a fake Instagram post.

The Israeli military said it apprehended Ahed Tamimi, 22, in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh. Tamimi rose to prominence in 2017 when, at age 16, she slapped an Israeli soldier who raided her village. She and others have for years protested Israeli land seizures.

Tamimi "is suspected of inciting violence and calling for terrorist activity to be carried out," the military said.

Her mother, Nariman Tamimi, said more than a dozen Israeli soldiers entered their house overnight and arrested her daughter.

Israeli authorities alleged the young woman "wrote an inciting (Instagram) post calling for the killing of settlers and saying what Hitler did wasn't enough - but Ahed does not have an Instagram account," her mother said in an interview.

Some Israeli media outlets published a screenshot of what appeared to be an Instagram post by an account with Tamimi's name and picture. The text threatened to "slaughter" Israel's West Bank settlers.

Reuters was not able to locate the Instagram account, which had the handle "ahed_tamimi15", or independently authenticate the image. The military did not comment on the image.

After slapping the soldier, Tamimi was sentenced to eight months in prison upon pleading guilty to reduced charges that included assault.

by Jonathan Lis for Haaretz
Nov 27, 2023
1:43 AM

Ahed Tamimi, the 22-year-old Palestinian student who was arrested on November 6 by Israeli security forces on suspicion of inciting violence and encouraging terrorism, is one of the 50 detainees and prisoners Israel has said it is willing to release in exchange for more hostages being held by Hamas.

Tamimi was arrested for allegedly posting a threat to kill Jewish settlers on social media. “Our message to the herds of settlers is that we're waiting for you in all cities in [the West Bank], from Hebron to Jenin. We'll slaughter you, and you'll say that what Hitler did to you was a joke. We'll drink your blood and eat your skulls. Let's go, we're waiting for you," read the post, which was written in Hebrew and Arabic.

In 2018, Tamimi was arrested and charged with attacking an IDF officer, after she was caught on camera slapping the Israeli officer. She was subsequently given an eight-month prison sentence and fined 5,000 shekels (roughly $1,200).

According to the Israel Prison Service, Tamimi is classified as a “detainee” – that is, she has yet to be tried.

Ahed Tamimi detained by Israeli forces Nov 6, 2023
Ahed Tamimi detained since Nov 6, 2023 for an alleged Instagram post.
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