Israeli Army Kills Four Palestinians In Jenin

00:00 Oct 30 2023 Jenin refugee camp ( مخيّم جنين )

We’am Eyad Hannoun, 27, Mousa Khaled Jabarin, 23, Amir Abdullah Sharbaji, 25, and Nawras Ibrahim Ba’jawi, 28. Published by IMEMC News

by IMEMC News
Oct 30, 2023

On Monday, the Jenin governmental hospital, in Jenin in the northern West Bank, confirmed the death of four young Palestinian men whom Israeli soldiers shot in Jenin and the Jenin refugee camp.

Wisam Bakr, the head of the Jenin governmental hospital, said two young men, We’am Eyad Hannoun, 27, and Mousa Khaled Jabarin, 23, from the Jenin refugee camp, were killed by Israeli soldiers fired.

He added that two young men, Amir Abdullah Sharbaji, 25, and Nawras Ibrahim Ba’jawi, 28, were also killed by Israeli army fire, and at least nine Palestinians were injured by live fire from the invading Israeli occupation forces.

More than 100 armored Israeli military vehicles invaded Jenin from several directions and surrounded Ibin Sina Hospital while armed and surveillance military drones flew overhead.

The soldiers also stormed and ransacked several buildings and occupied rooftops surrounding the hospital before firing many live rounds.

Palestinian medics rushed at least six young men to the hospital, including one who suffered life-threatening wounds.

Also, armored military bulldozers demolished parts of the wall surrounding the Jenin hospital, while armored military jeeps rammed a young man before he was rushed to the medical center.

Furthermore, the soldiers shot two Palestinians with live fire before the medics rushed them to Al-Razi Hospital in Jenin.

It is worth mentioning that an Israeli drone fired a missile at a home owned by the Al-Qneiri family, causing damage and wounding a young man.

Several military drones also fired a few missiles into the densely populated Jenin refugee camp.

Israeli military bulldozers destroyed streets and damaged infrastructure in Jenin, including the destruction of streets leading to the Jenin refugee camp, in addition to bulldozing several junctions near and in the refugee camp.

Furthermore, the soldiers stormed three residential buildings and forced the families out in the cold to use the occupied building as military posts and firing towers.

Local sources said the soldiers used many Palestinians as human shields to invade the refugee camp and prevent Palestinian resistance fighters from exchanging fire with them.

The Israeli army also used loudspeakers to order the families around the refugee camp to leave their homes and threatened to bomb them, in addition to deliberately damaging power lines and transformers.

The soldiers also destroyed several Palestinian cars, confiscated two to use during the invasion, and towed a car from a yard in Ibn Sina Hospital before detonating it, in addition to detonating many stores nearby.

On Sunday, two Palestinian young men succumbed to critical wounds that the occupation army inflicted on them in the Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus, and the Deheishe refugee camp, south of Bethlehem, while soldiers shot and injured three children.

Also Sunday, the forces killed three Palestinian men in Tubas, Nablus, and Ramallah, and injured many others, including a child during a number of storming operations, bringing the death toll in the West Bank to 114, since the October 7 escalation of hostilities.

Four Palestinian Gunmen Killed in Israeli Army Raid on Jenin Refugee Camp

According to the Israeli army, forces raided the camp, uncovered explosives hidden under the roads and destroyed a booby-trapped surveillance room

by Jack Khoury & Yaniv Kubovich for Haaretz
Oct 30, 2023 2:09 pm IST

Four Palestinian militants were killed in an Israeli military raid of the Jenin refugee camp on Monday morning. The four were members of the Jenin Brigades, a local confederation of members of different Palestinian military groups.

According to the IDF, the Israeli soldiers engaged them with live fire and drones, and entered the camp in order to strike terror infrastructure. There, the statement said, they found and destroyed an explosive-rigged surveillance room. They also destroyed a vehicle with ammunition and military equipment inside it, and arrested one suspect.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry in Ramallah, the four killed in the clashes were Amir Sharbaghi, age 25; Nawras Bajawi, age 28; Moussa Jabarin, age 23; and Wiam Alhanan, 27 years old. Alhanan is one of the founders of the Jenin Brigades. It was also reported that five other Palestinians were wounded in the raid, two of them seriously.

The iconic gate of the Jenin refugee camp was also destroyed during the operation. Videos posted to social media also show extensive damage to the camp's roads, the result of the Israeli forces stripping the road in order to destroy explosives that were laid underneath it.

The Israeli military also reported that security forces performed overnight arrests in the West Bank, taking 51 suspects into custody, including 38 Hamas members. According to the statement, 1,070 suspects have been arrested in the West Bank since the war with Hamas began on October 7, of whom 700 belong to Hamas.

On Sunday, five Palestinians were shot dead in four incidents across the West Bank, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry. According to the ministry, 118 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank since the beginning of the war, including six killed by Israeli settlers. West Bank residents have reported that Israeli forces have stepped up operations in the area, including increased use of live fire and increasing the number of arrests in daily raids.
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