Updated: Israeli Soldiers Kill Two Palestinians In Tulkarem

02:00 Sep 24 2023 Nur Shams ((مخيّم نور شمس) refugee camp


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Sep 24, 2023

Updated: Earlier Sunday, many Israeli military vehicles invaded Nur Shams refugee camp east of Tulkarem in the occupied West Bank’s northwestern part before the soldiers fatally shot two Palestinians in their heads.

Update: The Palestinian Health Ministry has confirmed that the soldiers killed Abdul-Rahman Suleiman Abu Daghash, 32, after shooting him with a live round in the head.

Palestinian medics rushed him to the Thabet Hospital in Tulkarem, where he was officially pronounced dead.

Palestine TV has reported that the armored military vehicles, including at least two D9 bulldozers, caused excessive damage to the refugee camp, including bulldozing and destroying streets, alleys, cars, homes, shops, and infrastructure, including electricity networks and water pipelines.

The bulldozers first started by destroying the main street leading to the refugee camp, and is also the entrance of Tulkarem city, linking it with Jenin and Nablus.

Palestinian resistance fighters managed to detonate explosives charge near an armored military vehicle and a military bulldozer, causing damage, before the army towed it away.

Shortly after the army invaded the refugee camp, the soldiers killed Osaid Farhan Abu Ali (Jab’awi), 21, after shooting him with a live round to the head.

Medical sources said the young man was rushed to the medical center but succumbed to his serious wounds and that the soldiers also shot another Palestinian in the head and prevented Palestinian medics from reaching him.

Palestine TV stated that Israeli military vehicles tried to ram a Palestinian ambulance while trying to reach Osaid to provide lifesaving first aid and move him to a hospital.

Palestine TV correspondent said the soldiers prevented the medics from reaching Osaid while he was bleeding, but the medics insisted to perform their duties and took the Palestinian to the hospital where he was officially pronounced dead.

Media sources said many armored vehicles, including at least one bulldozer, invaded the refugee camp and started bulldozing and destroying streets and infrastructure.

The sources added that the soldiers stormed and ransacked many homes and buildings before deploying sharpshooters on their rooftops.

Many Palestinians protested the invasion before the soldiers fired a barrage of live fire, rubber-coated steel bullets, and gas bombs.

Palestinian resistance fighters also exchanged fire with the soldiers and detonated an explosive charge near an armored bulldozer.

A general strike was declared in Tulkarem to mourn the two slain Palestinians.

First Published on: Sep 24, 2023, at 04:25

Two Palestinians Killed, Israeli Soldier Moderately Wounded in Exchange of Fire in West Bank

Usayed Jibawi and Abu Rahman Abu Dagesh were killed in clashes that developed after Israeli forces entered the Nur Shams refugee camp in the West Bank

by Jack Khoury for Haaretz
Sep 24, 2023 6:29 am IDT

Two Palestinians were killed and one Israeli soldier Sunday morning in an exchange of fire with the Israeli army after forces entered the Nur Shams refugee camp in the West Bank, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

The army confirmed that soldiers and Shin Bet security officials entered the refugee camp overnight and destroyed a combat room with surveillance equipment, IEDs and explosive making material.

Eyewitnesses reported that an exchange of gunfire began at the scene, during which 21-year-old Usayed Jibawi and 32-year-old Abu Rahman Abu Dagesh, both residents of the camp, were killed.

During the exchange, an IDF soldier was moderately injured from shrapnel. The soldier was taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

According to additional testimonies, IEDs were activated in the vicinity of military vehicles. Photos posted on social media documented the roads in the refugee camp after the forces shaved off the asphalt to expose IEDs they had buried underneath. The IDF stated that "the vehicles revealed many IEDs that exploded, including at least one ground charge."

On Saturday, Palestinians in Gaza protested by burning tires and organizing a protest flotilla.

Later on Saturday, the Israeli army said a drone attacked a Hamas military position near where the protests were taking place after shots were fired at soldiers at the border.

According to the Israeli Army, about 100 Palestinians protesting along the Gaza border burned tires near the Karni crossing in the north-eastern side of the Gaza strip. According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, the IDF shot and injured two protester, one in the leg.

Earlier this month, the IDF spokesperson said its forces arrested three Palestinian militants in the Jenin refugee camp suspected of taking part in terror activities.

The Palestinian Health Ministry says four have been lightly wounded from live gunfire. An Israeli hospital in Haifa says one severely wounded Palestinian man in his 30s from Jenin is being treated at its emergency room.
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