Israeli Colonizers Burn a Vehicle, Attack Homes, and Cut 150 Olive Trees in the West Bank

18:00 Jul 23 2023 al-Mughayyir (المغيّر ), Al-Mazra’a Al-Gharbiya (المزرعه القبليّه),Urif (عوريف, Orif), ad-Dhahiriya ( الظاهرية) and Yitzar (יִצְהָר) & Teneh ( טֶנֶא עֳמָרִים) settlements

Israeli Colonizers Burn a Vehicle, Attack Homes, and Cut 150 Olive Trees in the West Bank Israeli Colonizers Burn a Vehicle, Attack Homes, and Cut 150 Olive Trees in the West Bank
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by IMEMC News
July 23, 2023

On Saturday night, illegal Israeli colonizers burned a Palestinian-owned vehicle, and attacked a home near Ramallah, cut 150 olive trees near Hebron, and attacked homes near Nablus, in the occupied West Bank, according to local sources.

In the central part of the occupied West Bank, settlers set a vehicle on fire and sprayed hateful graffiti on walls in Al-Mughayyir village, northeast of Ramallah, according to Naeem Abu Marzouk, of the village municipality.

Meanwhile, in the village of Al-Mazra’a Al-Gharbiya, northwest of Ramallah, illegal colonizers, under the full protection of the occupation army, attacked Palestinian homes with rocks, causing damage.

The attack sparked protests among local Palestinian youths, which soldiers responded to by firing concussion grenades and tear gas canisters at those who resisted the settler attack.

There were no reports of any injuries.

In the northern occupied West Bank village of Orif, south of Nablus, the army protected illegal colonizers from the illegal “Yitzhar” colony, while they attack Palestinian-owned homes and a school, according to spokesman for the village council, Adel Amer.

The incursion triggered protests among the local Palestinian youths who confronted the settler attack. No injuries were reported.

Furthermore, a large group of Israeli colonizers cut 150 Palestinian-owned olive trees in Ad-Dhahiriya town, southwest of Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank.

Sources stated that settlers from the illegal “Tene” colony stormed Palestinian property and cut down 150 olive trees, local sources said.

Israeli settlers reported setting car on fire and spraying hateful graffiti 7/23/2023
Israeli settlers reported attacking Palestinian homes with rocks 7/23/2023
Israeli settlers from Yitzar reported attacking Palestinian school 7/23/2023
Settlers reported attacking Palestinian school in Urif 7/23/2023
Israeli settlers from Teneh settlement reported destroying ~150 olive trees 7/23/2023
Israeli settlers reported destorying ~150 olive trees in ad-Dhahiriya ( الظاهرية) 7/23/2023
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