Israeli Soldier, Palestinian, Killed In Shooting Near Qalqilia

12:00 Jul 6 2023 Qibya (قبية) and an Israeli military roadblock near Israel's Kedumin (קְדוּמִים ‎كدوميم) settlement

Israeli Soldier, Palestinian, Killed In Shooting Near Qalqilia Israeli Soldier, Palestinian, Killed In Shooting Near Qalqilia Israeli Soldier, Palestinian, Killed In Shooting Near Qalqilia
Ahmad Hilal Ghethan, 19, and Shilo Yosef Amir, 19. Published by IMEMC News

Israeli forces near the scene of the terror attack in the West Bank on Thursday. Credit: Hillel Meir/Flash 90 Published by Haaretz

1st Sgt. Shilo Yosef Amir. Published by Haaretz

Israeli soldiers at the scene of the terror attack in the West Bank on Thursday. Credit: Hillel Meir/Flash 90 Published by Haaretz

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by IMEMC News
July 7, 2023

On Thursday, one Israeli soldier was killed after a Palestinian opened fire at an Israeli military roadblock near Qalqilia, in the northwestern part of the occupied West Bank, before the soldiers fatally shot him.

The Israeli army identified the soldier as Shilo Yosef Amir, 19, of the Givati Reconnaissance Battalion from Kibbutz Merav in the northern part of the country.

The shooting occurred near the illegal Kedumim colony, built on stolen Palestinian lands near Kufur Qaddoum town, east of Qalqilia.

Israeli daily Haaretz quoted a security source stating that, after the shooting, one of the colony’s patrols “spotted a suspicious car” and called the army before the 19-year-old Palestinian, Ahmad Hilal Ghethan, “opened fire at the soldiers and fled on foot, but they chased him and fatally shot him.”

In a statement, the Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement, claimed responsibility for the shooting and said it was a natural response to the Israeli aggression and crimes against the Jenin refugee camp and the Palestinian people in every part of Palestine.

“This is a message to the criminal Smotrich (Israeli Finance Minister, far-right ultranationalist colonizer Bezalel Smotrich), telling you that Al-Qassam almost knocked on your door,” Al-Qassam said, “We promise you more resistance; those who plant death and destruction against our people will only reap death and defeat….”

After the shooting, dozens of soldiers invaded Qibya village, west of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, where Ahmad lived with his family, and abducted his father, Hilal Ghethan, his older brother, Mohammad, and his sister, Sanari, 25. The army released Mohammad after interrogating him for several hours.

Khadra Ghethan, the slain Palestinian’s mother, said the soldiers invaded and caused serious damage to her home and interrogated the family before abducting her daughter Sanari, a married mother of two children, 3 and 4 years of age.

Many Palestinians protested the invasion before the soldiers shot two young men with live fire and caused several Palestinians to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation.

The soldiers also fired live rounds at a car of a photojournalist, Karim Khamaisa, shattering its rear windshield.

Furthermore, illegal Israeli colonizers closed many roads in the northern West Bank and attacked many Palestinian cars and ambulances, causing damage,

Ramez Abdullah, the director of the Darwish Nazzal governmental hospital in Qalqilia, said the colonizers attacked an ambulance transporting a seriously injured infant to the hospital, shattering its rear windshield.

Abdullah said the ambulance was transporting an infant, who fell and suffered a skull fracture and hemorrhaging, to the hospital and tried to prevent it from reaching its destination.

Also, Israeli colonizers attacked many cars in Huwwara town, south of Nablus, causing damage and wounding at least one Palestinian.

In Salfit, in the central West Bank, Israeli colonizers attempted to invade Hares town, west of the city, but the locals intercepted their attack before Israeli soldiers invaded the town, closed its entrance, and fired many live rounds and gas bombs, causing many Palestinians to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation.

On Tuesday, The Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed the death of Abdul-Rahman Hasan Sa’abna, 22, from Fahma village, southwest of Jenin, after the Israeli soldiers him in the head in Jenin during the two-day Israeli offensive in Jenin and Jenin refugee camp.

The Health Ministry added that the soldiers killed Jawad Mujahed N’eirat, 22, from Meithalun town, south of Jenin, after shooting him in the head in Jenin.

On Tuesday dawn, Israeli soldiers killed Odai Ibrahim Khamaisa, 22, in Jenin City, bringing the number of slain Palestinians in Jenin to ten on the second day of the Israeli offensive. Khamaisa was from Al-Yamoun town, west of Jenin.

In related news, the soldiers fired many gas bombs at displaced Palestinian families sheltering in the yards of Khalil Suleiman governmental hospital in Jenin, causing many injuries.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said the situation in Jenin refugee camp is very dire, especially since the Israeli army is preventing its ambiances from entering it and has constantly opened fire at medics and ambulances.

On Monday night, the Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed the death of a Palestinian teen, Mustafa Nidal Al-Qassem, 17, whom Israeli soldiers shot during the offensive on Jenin.

He was the nineth Palestinian the soldiers kill in Jenin, after the army killed eight earlier Monday, in addition to wounding more than 100, twenty seriously.

The Palestinian Health Ministry identified the eight slain Palestinians as Samih Firas Abu Al-Wafa, 21, Aws Hani Hannoun, 19, Husam Mohammad Abu Theeba, 18, Noureddin Husam Marshoud, 16, Mohammad Mohannad Shami, 23, Ahmad Mohammad Al-Amer, 21, Ali Hani Al-Ghoul, 17, and Majdi Ar’arawi, 17.

The Israeli military spokesperson said Israel still has ten targets to achieve in its Jenin refugee camp offensive and said the soldiers have abducted about 120 young men.

In a press conference, the spokesperson said that the army estimated that there are 300 Palestinian fighters in Jenin and added that it has a list of names of about 160.

Hundreds of Palestinian families were displaced from their homes in the refugee camp and went to the nearby Jenin governmental hospital and mosques after the army ordered them to leave as it continues its offensive.

Israeli military bulldozers and missiles caused excessive damage to homes and buildings, and bulldozed streets, in addition to destroying cars, and blocking access to the refugee camp, and attacking ambulances, medics and journalists.

Furthermore, the soldiers killed Mohammad Emad Hassanein, 21, at the entrance of the Al-Biereh city in the central West Bank.

Israeli Soldier Killed in West Bank Shooting Attack; Hamas Claims Responsibility

The assailant attempted to flee, but was shot dead by Israeli soldiers; Hamas took responsibility for the attack as a 'response to the Israeli aggression against Jenin'

by Hagar Shezaf, Yaniv Kubovich, Ido Efrati, and Jack Khoury for Haaretz
Jul 6, 2023

An Israeli soldier was killed in a shooting attack on Thursday near the northern West Bank settlement of Kedumim, the Israeli army said.

The army named the soldier on Thursday evening as 1st Sgt. Shilo Yosef Amir from Kibbutz Merav in northern Israel. He was declared dead at the scene by medics.

Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack, praising the "action against the Zionist power." The attack, according to Hamas, is an "ongoing response to the Israeli aggression in Jenin and crimes against our Palestinian people."

According to a security source, one of the settlement's patrols called in army forces after spotting a suspicious car. The shooter, a 19-year-old with no criminal record of security related offenses, then opened fire with a pistol and fled his vehicle on foot. Israeli forces chased and shot him dead.

Following the incident, settlers intend to hold evening demonstrations in several locations in the West Bank, including near the village of Funduq next to the road leading to Kedumim.

On Wednesday, Israeli forces withdrew from the Jenin refugee camp after a two-day operation. One solider, Sergeant-Major David Yehuda Yitzhak, a 23-year-old from Beit El, was killed by live fire. According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, 12 Palestinians were killed during the IDF's incursion into the Palestinian city.

On Tuesday, eight people were wounded in a car ramming and stabbing attack in northern Tel Aviv. The assailant, a 20-year-old Palestinian from the West Bank who entered Israel without a permit, was shot dead by a civilian at the scene.

Ahmad Hilal Ghethan, 19, and Shilo Yosef Amir, 19, shot & killed 7/6/2023
The father of Ahmad Hilal Ghethan, Hilal Ghethan, Ahmad’s older brother, Mohammad, and his sister, Sanari, 25, detained by Israeli forces 7/6/2023. Mohammad reported released after several hours of interrogation.
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