On Sunday, Israeli Troops Injure One, Abduct 9 Palestinians, Seize Vehicle, Destroy Buildings

12:00 Mar 5 2023 al-Fawar (مخيّم الفوّار) & Shuafat (شعفاط) camps, Sa’ir (سعير), Beit Sira (بيت سيرا), Turmus Ayya (ترمسعيّا), Beit Ijza (بيت إجزا), Jalbun (جلبون), Yatma (يتما), Bethlehem (بيت لحم)

On Sunday, Israeli Troops Injure One, Abduct 9 Palestinians, Seize Vehicle, Destroy Buildings
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March 5, 2023

Israeli occupation soldiers and settlers continued their daily acts of aggression against the Palestinian people and property, injuring one young Palestinian with a rubber-coated steel bullet in the abdomen, causing dozens to suffer from tear gas inhalation in the town of Tuqu’, southeast of Bethlehem, and abducted nine Palestinians from the West Bank.

A civilian was wounded by a rubber-coated metal bullet in the abdomen, and two others suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation during clashes with the occupation forces in Tuqu’ town, southeast of Bethlehem .

Clashes erupted between local Palestinian villagers and invading Israeli occupation forces in the Shuafat refugee camp, northeast of occupied Jerusalem, after the closure of the checkpoint at the village entrance.

In Hebron, Israeli occupation forces abducted three young men: Anas Nasri al-Ju’bah (21 years old) from the Sinjar area in the south, after besieging his family’s house for five hours and confiscating a commercial vehicle belonging to him. The troops also abducted Mohammad Mansour al-Hasanat (22 years old) from al-Fawar camp, and Mazen Jaradat from the eastern town of Sa’ir.

From Ramallah, the Israeli occupation forces abducted four Palestinians: Yaqoub Al-Hajj, Aziz Khattab, and Khalil Abu Safiya, between the ages of 15-16, from Beit Sira in the western part of the city. They also abducted a young man, Mohammad Mukhlis Lafi Kook, from Turmusaya in the northern part of the city, and confiscated his private vehicle.

From Jerusalem district, the Israeli occupation forces abducted the young man, Adam Fahim Abu Kafia, from the northern town of Beit Ijza.

From the Jenin district, the Israeli occupation forces abducted bulldozer driver, Ghassan Qutb, and prevented him from continuing to work on laying a water line in the northern village of Jalboun, and seized the water line.

The Israeli occupation forces also stormed the village of Yatma, south of Nablus, and raided the house of Ismail Ibrahim Najjar, and detained his brother Youssef, while the soldiers fired tear gas canisters at the local Palestinians, without any injuries reported.

The Israeli occupation forces also closed Wadi Qana road near the town of Deir Istiya, northwest of Salfit, and deployed troops throughout the area, causing severe traffic congestion.

In the Bethlehem area, Israeli troops demolished two structures on the land of Ahmed Taqatqa, in the “Umm Said” area located between the town of Beit Fajjar and the village of Marah Mualla, and a sales stall selling awnings in the village of Beit Tamar, east of Bethlehem, belonging to the citizen Fouad Jumaa Jadal, under the pretext of having constructed the stall without a permit.

Also Sunday, the Israeli occupation forces raided the town of Beit Kahil, north of Hebron, and seized a citizen’s vehicle. Security sources told Wafa news agency that the Israeli occupation forces stormed the town and seized the vehicle of Awni al-Zuhur.

Mohammad Mansour al-Hasanat, 22, detained 3/5/2023
Clashes erupted between local Palestinians and invading Israeli occupation forces after closure of Israeli checkpoint at entrance 3/5/2023
Mazen Jaradat detained 3/5/2023
Anas Nasri al-Ju’bah, 21, detained 3/5/2023
Yaqoub Al-Hajj, Aziz Khattab, and Khalil Abu Safiya, reported between the ages of 15-16, detained 3/5/2023
Mohammad Mukhlis Lafi Kook detained 3/5/2023
Adam Fahim Abu Kafia detained 3/5/2023
Ghassan Qutb detained 3/5/2023
Youssef Najjar detained 3/5/2023
Merchant stalls “without permit”,property of Ahmed Taqatqa and Fouad Jumaa Jadal, demolished 3/5/2023
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