Israeli Forces Kill One Palestinian; Injure Several at Protests Across West Bank

12:00 Feb 3 2023 Huwara ( حاجز حوارة, Huwwara) military roadblock

Israeli Forces Kill One Palestinian; Injure Several at Protests Across West Bank Israeli Forces Kill One Palestinian; Injure Several at Protests Across West Bank
Abdullah Samih Ahmad Qalalwa, 25. Published by IMEMC News

Abdullah Qalalweh. Published by Haaretz

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by IMEMC News
Feb 4, 2023

On Friday, Israeli troops invaded several parts of the West Bank, and killed a young man at the Huwwara military roadblock, south of Nablus, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

Local sources reported that the soldiers shot Abdullah Samih Ahmad Qalalwa, 25, with a live round in the chest.

Abdullah, a married father of a newborn baby boy, worked in the surveying department (Land Authority) of the Palestinian Authority. His brother, Ibrahim, works for Palestine TV.

The Israeli army claimed that Abdullah tried to snatch a soldier’s weapon, an allegation frequently used by the army in similar cases, and could not be substantiated.

After shooting the young man, the soldiers left him bleeding on the ground without first aid and refused to allow Palestinian medics to reach him until he bled to death.

The army also alleged that the soldiers shot the Palestinian in the legs, but when the Palestinian medics took him to a hospital in Nablus, the doctors found out that he was shot in the chest.

Abdullah was from Al-Jadida village, south of Jenin, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

After receiving news of his death, his mother was rushed to a hospital after suffering shock.

In addition to killing Abdullah, Israeli forces also injured several Palestinians with live ammunition in Kafr Qaddum, east of Qalqilya, and Beit Dajan, east of Nablus.

Several Palestinian protesters were injured by gunshot wounds. At the same time, dozens suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation.

Three Palestinians were injured by rubber-coated metal bullets, and dozens suffered tear gas inhalation during the Israeli suppression of the weekly peaceful anti-settlement march in the village of Kafr Qaddum, east of Qalqilya.

The weekly protest has gone on for nearly two decades, demanding the opening of the village street, which Israeli forces closed nineteen years ago in order to colonize the village land.

Dozens of Palestinians suffered tear gas inhalation as a result of the Israeli forces suppressing the weekly anti-settlement march in Beit Dajan, east of Nablus, which has been organized since October 2020, to reject the establishment of a settlement outpost in the northeastern area of ​​the village lands.

Three civilians suffered from pepper gas, as Israeli forces and settlers attacked participants in a peaceful agricultural event condemning settlements in the town of Tuqu’, southeast of Bethlehem. This is another area where Israeli colonizers have been taking over Palestinian land, and locals have organized weekly protests for the past several years.

In addition, Israeli settlers fenced off areas of Yanun land, belonging to the town of Aqraba, south of Nablus, under the protection of the Israeli army.

The Israeli military occupation and its settlers control more than 85% of the lands of Yanun, surrounded by five settlements and outposts, which are expanding at the expense of Palestinian citizens’ lands.

All Israeli settlements are a violation of international law and have been condemned by numerous UN resolutions.

Palestinian Shot Dead by Israeli Forces After Allegedly Lunging at Them Near Nablus

According to the Israeli army, the man got out of a car and started running towards the soldiers, who ordered him to stop before shooting at him

by Hagar Shezaf and Yaniv Kubovich for Haaretz
Feb 3, 2023

Israeli forces on Friday shot dead an unarmed Palestinian man who allegedly lunged at them near Nablus.

According to the Israeli army, 25-year-old Abdullah Qalalweh from the village of al-Judeida near Jenin, got out of a car and started running towards the soldiers at the Hawara checkpoint, who ordered the man to stop. When he didn't, the soldiers shot him.

The IDF also said Qalalweh was carrying a copy of a last will and testament.

According to Palestinian reports, Qalalweh graduated from Istiqlal University, and worked at the Palestine Land Authority.

The Palestinian political factions released statements condemning Qalalweh's killing. "The continuation of the execution policy exposes the criminal and terrorist way of thinking of the occupation that does not take into account international law and international values," said a statement by the Fatah movement, which called on the international community to intervene and provide protection to the Palestinian people.

The Islamic Jihad also published a statement in which it defined the event as an execution that will only "add fuel to the fire of anger against the occupation."

Hamas called for increased resistance in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and inside the Green Line, and called for harm to be done to soldiers and settlers wherever possible.

Israeli-Palestinian violence has spiked in recent days following an Israeli military raid on a militant stronghold in the West Bank city of Jenin last week killing nine, most of them militants, and a Palestinian shooting attack in an east Jerusalem Jewish settlement that killed seven Israelis.

The latest shooting brings to 36 the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli troops this year, according to the Associated Press.

Last year was the deadliest year for West Bank Palestinians since 2004, with nearly 150 people killed. Israel intensified its raids in the West Bank after 19 Israelis were killed in a string of Palestinian attacks in the spring of 2022.
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