Israeli court rules against bail for Beit Ummar teens

12:00 Mar 26 2012 Beit Ummar

HEBRON (Ma'an) -- An Israeli court ruled to keep seven children from Beit Ummar behind bars until the end of their trial, a lawyer and community spokesman said.

The court agreed one other child from the Hebron-district town, Ahamd Mahmoud Isalibi, 16, could be released on bail with the guarantee of a Jerusalem citizen and 10,000 shekel payment, but the prosecution appealed this decision, lawyer Nery Ramati said.

The eight teenagers are accused of resisting the Israeli occupation, local popular resistance committee spokesman Muhammad Ayyad Awwad said.

Those ruled to be held until the trial's conclusion are: Ahmad Mahmoud Isalibi, 16, Ayesh Khaled Sabri, 17, Basel Khaled, 15, Zain Huisham Abu Mariya, 15, Sami Amer Abu Juda, 16, Mahab Jawdat Adi, 14, Bilal Mahmoud, 16, and Saed Imad Isalibi, 16.
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