Israeli Soldiers Abduct Nineteen Palestinians In West Bank

03:00 Nov 3 2022 Jenin (جنين), Nablus (نابلس), Ramallah (رام الله), Hebron (الخليل) and Bethlehem (بيت لحم)

Israeli Soldiers Abduct Nineteen Palestinians In West Bank
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by IMEMC News
Nov 3, 2022

On Thursday dawn, Israeli soldiers abducted at least nineteen Palestinians, including children and former political prisoners, from their homes in several parts of the occupied West Bank.

The soldiers invaded and ransacked dozens of homes across the West Bank, causing damage, and interrogated many Palestinians.

The army also installed roadblocks, stopped and searched dozens of cars and interrogated scores of Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards.

In addition, the army invaded Bruqin town, west of Salfit in the central West Bank, and demolished an agricultural room in the northern part of the town.

The abducted Palestinians are:

Nour Masharqa, Jenin.
Adham Amour, Jenin.
Tareq Zogheibi, Jenin.
Khaled Tawil, Nablus.
Mohammad Fattoum, Nablus.
Mohammad Jouri, Nablus.
Samsam Al-At’out, Nablus.
Eid Hazem Rimawi, Ramallah.
Rami Ibrahim Hamdan, Ramallah.
Abdul-Rahman Al-Hajj, Ramallah.
Atef Morad Na’san
Khalil Al-Azza, Hebron.
Ala Khalil Al-Azza, Hebron.
Mohammad Khalil Al-Azza, Hebron.
Azza Khalil Al-Azza, Hebron.
Hasan Al-Azza, Hebron.
Mohammad Al-Azza, Hebron.
Ismael Al-Azza, Hebron.
Khaled Aqel Mustafa, Bethlehem.

Eid Hazem Rimawi, Rami Ibrahim Hamdan, Abdul-Rahman Al-Hajj detained 11/3/2022
Nour Masharqa, Adham Amour, and Tareq Zogheibi detained 11/3/2022
Khaled Tawil, Mohammad Fattoum, Mohammad Jouri, and Samsam Al-At’out detained 11/3/2022
Khalil Al-Azza, Ala Khalil Al-Azza, Mohammad Khalil Al-Azza, Azza Khalil Al-Azza, Hasan Al-Azza, Mohammad Al-Azza, and Ismael Al-Azza detained 11/3/2022
Khaled Aqel Mustafa detained 11/3/2022
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