Update 2: “Israeli Soldiers Kill Five Palestinians, Injure 21 In Nablus”

03:00 Oct 25 2022 Nablus (نابلسs)

4 killed in Nablus. Published by IMEMC News

Mashal Zahi Ahmad Baghdadi, 27. Published by IMEMC News

Protesters burn tires in the streets of Nablus during clashes with Israeli forces in Nablus, in the West Bank on early Tuesday. Credit: JAAFAR ASHTIYEH - AFP Published by Haaretz

Lion's den militants killed during an IDF's raid in Nablus, on Tuesday. Published by Haaretz

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by IMEMC News
Oct 25, 2022

On Tuesday dawn, Israeli soldiers killed five Palestinians and injured twenty-one, including four who suffered life-threatening wounds, during an invasion of the center of Nablus city, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

Update: The Health Ministry has confirmed, Tuesday morning, the death of Mashal Zahi Ahmad Baghdadi, 27, from serious wounds he suffered during the massive Israeli military invasion of Nablus.

Update: In an official statement, the Palestinian Health Ministry in Ramallah identified the slain Palestinians in Nablus as:

Hamdi Sbeih Ramzi Qayyim, 30.
Ali Khaled Omar Antar, 26.
Hamdi Mohammad Sabri Sharaf, 35.
Wadea’ Sbeih Hweih, 31.

The Health Ministry has confirmed the army shot twenty-four Palestinians, adding that most of the wounded Palestinians were shot in the upper body; four of them suffered serious injuries.

Palestine TV said the army used an armed drones in firing missiles into a home in Nablus where many fighters were hiding and exchanging fire with the soldiers, before Wadea’ was killed.

Six Palestinians managed to escape unharmed.

The Israeli missiles also caused damage to many surrounding homes and several mild injuries among the families.

Palestine TV added that the missiles fired by the Israeli army drones also produced heavy chemical smells.

The Israeli army invaded many neighborhoods and surrounded many Palestinians in the Old City of Nablus and exchanged fire with resistance fighters before firing shells at them.

One of the slain Palestinians, Hamdi Qayyim, was killed after the army fired a missile at his car, severely mutilating his body.

The Palestinian Health Ministry has confirmed the death of four Palestinians by Israeli army fire and added that nineteen were injured, one moderately and four seriously.

At least fourteen of the wounded injured Palestinians were rushed to Rafidia hospital in Nablus.

Local sources said the soldiers invaded and ransacked many homes and occupied rooftops of tall buildings to use as firing posts, especially for the army sharpshooters.

The soldiers also fired many live rounds at Palestinian police and national security officers, wounding four.

In addition, Palestinian fighters exchanged fire with Israeli soldiers in the Ras Al-Ein area in Nablus, while the soldiers surrounded a home in the Northern Mountain area.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said the soldiers stopped its ambulances and prevented the medics from reaching wounded Palestinians in the Al-Qaryoun area and around the Old City.

The invading Israeli soldiers also used an armed drone to fire a missile at a building and exchanged fire with many Palestinian resistance fighters.

Furthermore, the army surrounded and isolated the Northern Mountain area and the Old City of Nablus.

The Israeli army withdrew from Nablus in the early morning hours of Thursday.

Also at dawn, Israeli soldiers killed Qussai Mahmoud Tamimi, 19, in Nabi Saleh, north of Ramallah, in the central part of the occupied West Bank.

Israeli Army Destroys Lion’s Den’s Bomb Factory in Nablus, Five Palestinians Killed in Shootout

Twenty other Palestinians were injured and a sixth died in a separate incident near Ramallah overnight. The Israeli army says it was targeting a site for manufacturing explosives, while the spokesman for Palestinian President Abbas calls the raid a ‘war crime’

by Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovich, Fadi Amun, & Reuters Published by Haaretz
Oct 25, 2022 12:44 pm IDT

Thousands attended the funeral of the five Palestinians killed in Nablus during intense clashes that broke out in the northern West Bank city on Tuesday after IDF forces were spotted entering Nablus' Old City.

Sounds of gunfire and calls for revenge were heard during the ceremony.

Earlier Tuesday, the Israeli army reported that it destroyed a makeshift explosive lab belonging to the Lion's Den militant group in an overnight raid in Nablus, killing one of their commanders and four other Palestinians.

The Palestinian Health Ministry reported that 20 others were injured, including three in a critical condition. A sixth man was killed in a separate clash in Nabi Saleh when Palestinians began throwing stones at Israeli forces to protest the operation, medical workers said.

Special IDF forces and Border Police surrounded several buildings in Nablus which they suspect are being used by Lion’s Den militants, who have been spearheading attacks on Israeli troops in the city in recent months. According to Palestinian reports, the IDF fired an antitank missile at one of the buildings in which armed men were believed to be holed up, and unarmed drones were also spotted in the sky.

The Palestinian Health Ministry reported that one of the men killed in Nablus is 31-year-old Wadih Sabich Hur, a prominent Lions' Den militant, as well as Hamdi Sabih Kayam (30), Ali Khaled Antar (26) and Hamdi Muhammad Sharaf (35) as well as Mishal Baghdadi (27) and Qousi Tamimi.

The events in Nabi Saleh occurred after reports from Nablus came out and calls for demonstrations were heard around 2:00 A.M, according to the head of the local council. Following the calls, young people arrived at the checkpoint, at the entrance to the settlement and clashes broke out, during which a soldier fatally shot at Quousi Tamimi.

The Israeli military confirmed that its forces were operating in Nablus, adding that its forces had blown up an apartment used by Lion's Den militants to manufactures weapons. No Israeli troops were wounded during the operation, the army said.

In a video filmed at the scene, loudspeakers can be heard calling for locals to come out to defend the city and members of the Lion’s Den. The organization also published a statement calling on Palestinians to resist Israeli forces.

Nabil Abu Rudeineh, spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said Abbas's office had reached out to the United States to ask for its help in ending the Israeli campaign, dubbing the overnight incident a "war crime."

Prime Minister Yair Lapid praised the operation, and said Israel's goal was and remains inflicting a severe and "lasting blow to terrorism," pointing especially to Jenin and Nablus.

"We will not allow the existence of terrorist organizations that harm Israeli citizens and IDF soldiers," Lapid said, adding that as part of the operation, "the terrorist laboratory of the Lion's Den was severely damaged. This is a precise and deadly blow to the heart of a terrorist infrastructure that tries to carry out attacks."

"All of this will have dangerous and destructive consequences," Abu Rudeineh said on Palestinian TV.

Earlier this week, the Lion's Den blamed Israel for the death of one of its militants, identified as Tamer Al-Kilani, in an explosion in Nablus early on Sunday. According to the group, Al-Kilani was killed after an explosive device was rigged to his motorcycle.

More than 125 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli-Palestinian fighting in the West Bank and east Jerusalem this year. The fighting has surged since a series of Palestinian attacks killed 19 people in Israel in the spring. The Israeli army says most of the Palestinians killed have been militants. But stone-throwing youths protesting the incursions and others not involved in confrontations have also been killed.

The Associated Press contributed to this report
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