Israeli Army Abducts Sixteen Palestinians In West Bank

06:00 Oct 3 2022 Nablus (‫نابلس‬), Jerusalem’s Old City ( ‫البلدة القديمة‬ הָעִיר הָעַתִּיקָ), al-Tur (الطور), Sa’ir (سعير), Jericho (أريحا), Shawawra (السواحرة الشرقية, as-Sawahira), & Teqoa (تقوع, Taqqou', Tuqu')

Israeli Army Abducts Sixteen Palestinians In West Bank
Scene in Nablus. Published by IMEMC News

by IMEMC News
Oct 3, 2022

On Monday dawn, Israeli soldiers abducted sixteen Palestinians from their homes in several parts of the occupied West Bank. The soldiers earlier killed two Palestinians and injured one near Ramallah.

In Nablus, in the northern West Bank, the soldiers abducted two Palestinians, Mustafa Odah from the al-Makhfiyya area, and Ahmad Al-Jibrini from the Ad-Dahia area in the city and storming their homes and ransacking them.

In Nablus city, Palestinian fighters exchanged fire with Israeli soldiers invading the Tal Street area, west of the city.

In occupied Jerusalem, the soldiers abducted Emad Abu Khadija from his work in the Old City and Ashraf al-Hadra from his home in the at-Tour town.

In the southern part of the West Bank in Hebron, the soldiers abducted Rami Tarawa from his home in Sa’ir town, east of the city.

In Jericho, in the northeastern West Bank, the soldiers abducted Bader Khaled Abu Zobeida, 18, Mohammad Ismael Zobediat, 17, and Mohammad Abdullah Khatib.

In Bethlehem, the soldiers invaded the Shawawra village east of the city, searched homes, and abducted Mahmoud Issa Hamdan.

The soldiers also invaded Tuqu’ village, southeast of Bethlehem, leading to protests, especially near the Al-Khansaa’ school in the Khirbat ad-Deir area, leading to protests, and fired many gas bombs and concussion grenades, causing many injuries.

In a statement, the Israeli army said its soldiers arrested sixteen Palestinians from several parts of the West Bank.

Furthermore, the soldiers killed two Palestinians, Bassel Qassem Basbous, 19, and Khaled Fadi Anbar, 21, and moderately wounded Ra’fat Salama Habash, 19, near the Al-Jalazoun refugee camp, north of Ramallah, in the central part of the occupied West Bank.

Also, the soldiers demolished an under-construction home in the Erfa’eyya village, east of Yatta city, south of Hebron.

Mustafa Odah and Ahmad Al-Jibrini detained 10/2/2022
Emad Abu Khadija detained 10/2/2022
Ashraf al-Hadra detained 10/2/2022
Bader Khaled Abu Zobeida, 18, Mohammad Ismael Zobediat, 17, and Mohammad Abdullah Khatib detained 10/2/2022
Rami Tarawa detained 10/2/2022
Mahmoud Issa Hamdan detained 10/2/2022
Many protesting Palestinians reported injured by Israeli forces 10/2/2022
IDF reports they detained 16 Palestinians 10/2/2022
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