Israeli Soldiers Abduct A Palestinian In Jerusalem

12:00 Dec 10 2021 Jerusalem district- al-Isawiya ( لعيساوية‎l ) and West Jerusalem (Magistrate's Court?)

Israeli Soldiers Abduct A Palestinian In Jerusalem
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by IMEMC News
Dec 11, 2021

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Friday evening, a young Palestinian man from the al-Isawiya town, in occupied Jerusalem, in the West Bank.

Local sources said police and army vehicles invaded the Obeid neighborhood in al-Isawiya, before storming and searching a home, before abducting Noureddin Obeid, and took him to an interrogation facility in Jerusalem.

They added that the soldiers violently searched the home, causing excessive property damage, and interrogated the family before abducting their son, Noureddin.

In addition, an Israeli court ordered a young man, identified as Daoud al-Ghoul, under interrogation for four days. The Palestinian was abducted four days ago from his home in the Ras al-Amoud neighborhood in Silwan.

Also, the court ordered Dr. Ahmad Safadi, who was abducted on Friday at dawn, under interrogation until next Thursday, after barring him from meeting with his lawyer, and holding a secret hearing that his attorney wasn’t even informed of.

Noureddin Obeid detained 12/10/2021
Israeli court orders interrogation for detainees Daoud al-Ghoul and Dr. Ahmad Safadi 12/10/2021
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