Picasso in Ramallah, bulldozers in Bir Al-Ad

12:00 Jun 25 2011 Bir Al-Ad village, South Hebron Hills

PNN 25 June -- This week there arrived at the International Academy of Art, Palestine - in Ramallah - the painting "Buste de Femme," which Pablo Picasso painted in 1943 when he lived in Nazi-occupied Paris ... Its value is estimated at seven million dollars and it was lent to the Palestinian gallery for one month.
On that same day, at almost exactly the same hour that the valuable painting arrived at the showroom in Ramallah, bulldozers of the Israeli Defense Forces made their way to the tiny village of Bir Al-Ad in the South Hebron Hills, and in less than an hour demolished its miserable huts, destroyed sacks of animal food, uprooted plants and shrubs, leaving behind heaps of rubble and ninety homeless people. The nearby caves, also used for housing, were on this occasion not demolished, but the soldiers made sure to cut and sever the electricity cables which the inhabitants had installed to light them. "You here don't deserve to have electricity!" said one of the soldiers to a resident who dared to protest. Ezra Nawi and Rabbi Arik Asherman, Israeli peace activists who arrived at the spot after hearing the inhabitants' desperate pleas for help, were immediately taken off to military detention ... Had I wanted, I could have post here every week - and maybe two or three times a week - the story of the latest destruction, and they would all be alike as two peas in a pod (or two drops of blood), different only with changing name of the most currently destroyed village. As usual in such stories, the land of Bir Al-Ad is coveted by settlers.
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