PLO: Israeli Withholding of Slain Palestinian Bodies, Immoral

12:00 Jun 27 2020 Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories (oPT)

PLO: Israeli Withholding of Slain Palestinian Bodies, Immoral
"The Numbers Graveyard". Published by IMEMC News

by IMEMC News

Executive Committee for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), on Saturday, condemned what it termed immoral Israeli withholding slain bodies of Palestinians, killed by Israel, the latest of which was the body of Ahmad Erekat, who was shot dead by Israeli troops, at a checkpoint near the West Bank southern city of Bethlehem.

In a statement, the PLO’s Executive Committee called on all relevant international organizations to pressure the Israeli government to release those corpses, from what the PLO described as the ‘Numbers Graveyard’.

The statement maintained that the latest cases of slain Palestinians placed in this graveyard, were those of Eyad Al Halaq, 32, a disabled Palestinian young man killed by Israeli troops in East Jerusalem and Ahmad Erekat, 26, was shot dead by Israeli soldiers, while he was en-route to a hairdressing salon to pick up family members, shortly before a family wedding.

It noted that the Palestinian people and all other free nations, worldwide, are waiting for the moment of justice, when Israeli officials stand trial for all the crimes that they have committed against the Palestinian people.

The Committee, which the signed peace accords with Israel in 1993, and then recognized Israel’s right to exist, stressing the point that the Palestinian people must be protected from all Israeli practices and crimes, as a people under Israeli occupation.

In its press release, issued this weekend, the PLO’s Executive Committee, called on the international community to facilitate the return of Palestinian refugees to their Palestinian homeland and curb all, what the committee termed ‘conspiracies’ that are aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause, once and for all.

The press release referred to the US-envisioned peace plan, the so-called ‘deal of the century’, which Palestinians rejected for they believe it would only allow a dismembered Palestinian state, without the occupied East Jerusalem as its capital.

The PLO reiterated its long-held position that the Palestinian sacrifices along the path towards freedom and statehood, will not go unrewarded and that Palestinian resistance will continue unabated, until the Israeli occupation is removed and Palestinian legitimate rights are attained.

Noteworthy, over the past several decades of conflict, Israeli occupation authorities, have held dozens of corpses of Palestinians, whom Israel killed throughout course of the occupation.

Palestinian statistical figures suggest that Israel continues to withhold 260 Palestinian corpses.

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