Israeli Occupation Forces Raid Addameer's Office and Steal its Belongings

02:00 Sep 19 2019 Ramallah

Israeli Occupation Forces Raid Addameer's Office and Steal its Belongings
Scene. WhatsApp image. Published by Addameer and IMEMC News

19 September 2019

Israeli occupation forces raided today, Thursday, 19 September 2019 at around 2:00am the office of Addameer Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association.

The Israeli forces stole five laptops, memory cards, three laptop memories, one laptop card, several books and additionally searching through the belongings of the office.

This is the third incident where the Israeli soldiers have raided the office, the first was in 2002 and the second incident was in 2012.

Addameer reassures that those constant raids will not stand in the face of any duties the organization has for Palestinian political prisoners. The organization will continue to support Palestinian prisoners to flight all human rights violations they suffer from including torture, arbitrary detention and unfair trails.

Addameer sees this raid as a part of ongoing and systematic attacks against the Palestinian civil society organization. Those attacks are targeting the organizations that have a role in facing the occupation's violations and claiming accountability for those violations. This is additionally a part of the occupation's campaign to shrink space, delegitimize and de-fund those human rights and civil society organizations.

by IMEMC News

Physicians for Human Rights Israel: The undersigned Israeli and Palestinian NGOs strongly condemn the night raid of Addameer – Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association in Ramallah – by the Israeli army. During the raid, which took place on the 19th of September, the army confiscated laptops, laptop drives and other items – all of which are critical to Addameer’s work.

Addameer’s work in protecting the rights of prisoners is crucial in preventing violations of human rights. A prestigious human rights organization founded nearly 30 years ago, many of us have worked closely with Addameer on a variety of issues in order to safeguard basic rights, including prevention of torture, arbitrary arrests and unfair trials.

This raid is part and parcel of an ongoing attack on the legitimacy of Palestinian and Israeli human rights organizations, aiming to silence criticism of the occupation.

The crackdown on human rights defenders and Palestinian civil society, including the attempt by Israeli authorities, such as the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, to dry up sources of funding for all human rights organizations, publishing false accusations and creating an intimidating atmosphere must end and be condemned by the international community.

It is through the work of organizations such as Addameer that Palestinians and Israelis can struggle against the ongoing, catastrophic damage caused by the occupation. We ask you to speak out against this attack.

As organizations that care deeply about the societies in which we work, we believe that only by ending the occupation and protecting human rights can we ensure a better future for Palestinians and Israelis.

The signed organizations:
ACRI – The Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Adalah – The legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, Akevot Institute, Bimkom – Planners for Planning Rights, B’tselem, Emek Shaveh, Gisha, Haqel: ln Defense of Human Rights, HRDF – Human Rights Defenders Fund, Ir Amim, Physicians for Human Rights Israel, PCATI – The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, Torah of Justice, Yesh Din – Volunteers for Human Rights
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