Israeli Forces Abduct Six Palestinians in Pre-Dawn Raids Thursday

03:00 Aug 15 2019 Aida refugee camp, Beit Tam'ir, and Qalqiliya

by IMEMC News

Israeli forces invaded three different parts of the West Bank on Thursday before dawn, abducting six young men who were asleep in their beds.

According to the Palestinian Wafa News Agency, before dawn on Thursday, Israeli occupation forces invaded the Aida refugee camp north of Bethlehem, located next to the Israeli Annexation Wall around Bethlehem.

Local sources report that the occupation forces abducted Faris Khader Zarina (22 years), after ransacking his parents’ home.

In the area of Beit Ta’mer, east of Bethlehem, the Israeli army raided an apartment owned by Khaled Ahmed Hamri, breaking down the doors using explosives.

In the northern West Bank, Israeli occupation forces invaded Qalqilia at dawn on Thursday, and abducted two young men.

Witnesses told the Wafa News Agency that the occupation forces abducted two young men: Mohammad Abdul Rahim Dawood (24 years), and Mohammad Afif Turkish (23 years), after raiding and searching their family homes.

And in the central West Bank, Israeli occupation forces on Thursday abducted three citizens of occupied Jerusalem.

Local sources said that the Israeli special forces raided the house of political prisoner Jaram Nasser and abducted his son Khalil (20 years), after invading his family home, attacking and beating members of his family, and searching the house.

Two Palestinians were abducted from the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, when Israeli forces invaded before dawn and began harassing local residents and ransacking homes.

Faris Khader Zarina, 22, detained 8/15/2019
Khaled Ahmed Hamri's home reported raided 8/15/2019
24, and Mohammad Afif Turkish, 23, detained 8/15/2019Mohammad Abdul Rahim Dawood,
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