Updated: Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian at Gaza Border

04:00 Aug 1 2019 Gaza

Updated: Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian at Gaza Border
Hani Abu Salah. Published by IMEMC News

Video - The occupation reveals the details of Khan Younis

Posted on: 02/08/2019 (Last Updated: 03/08/2019 Time: 08:20)

Bethlehem - Ma'an - The 13th Hebrew channel revealed the details of the armed clash that took place at dawn yesterday near the Khan Younis border in the southern Gaza Strip.

Channel 13, which showed a video of the operation, said that the man entered after 02:00 wearing a military uniform containing grenades and carrying a Kalashnikov rifle before being monitored by the observation post from about 250 meters inside Gaza.

The channel added that the first force under the command of the platoon leader began to exchange fire with the bomber, wounding the commander of the faction was moderately wounded, and two soldiers were slightly injured.

The Israeli channel [said] that "another force of the Golani Brigade, led by the deputy commander of the faction intervened with the commander of the Southern Brigade and the commander of the 12th battalion, and was equipped on the port and liquidated."


by IMEMC News
Published August 1, 2019 10:20 AM

A young man from Gaza was shot dead before dawn on Thursday by Israeli troops after he allegedly crossed the border between Gaza and Israel. Israeli forces claim that the young man fired a gun at Israeli soldiers before they fired numerous live rounds, killing him.

The Palestinian was later identified as Hani Abu Salah. According to a statement issued by the Israeli army, the young man came across the border and clashed with the soldiers.

It is worth mentioning that Hani is the brother of Fadi Abu Salah, 20, who was killed by the Israeli army during on May 14, 2018. He was a wheelchair user who lost both of his legs during the Israeli war on Gaza in 2008.

According to the military, one officer sustained a moderate injury, and two other soldiers were slightly injured, and were transferred to the “Soroka” Hospital in Beer Sheva.

The Israeli army also announced that in the aftermath of this killing, they decided to begin firing tank shells toward the Palestinian city of Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip, which led to exchanges of fire with Palestinian fighters in which no injuries were reported.

Eyewitnesses in Gaza reported that the Israeli occupation army fired two shells and light bombs at the border area east of Khuza’a town in Khan Younis after hearing the sound of gunfire. Others also spoke of Israeli planes flying in the area .

Since weekly protests began on the Gaza-Israel border in 2018, at least 297 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces — most of them unarmed civilians participating in non-violent protests at the border. Seven Israelis have been killed by Palestinians during that same time period.

The protests have called for an end to the 12-year long siege of the Gaza.

Three Israeli Soldiers Wounded, Attacker Killed After Gaza Border Breach, Army Says

Palestinian, armed with an assault rifle and grenades, was shot after trying to breach Israel-Gaza border

by Jack Khoury, Almog Ben Zikri and Yaniv Kubovich for Haaretz
Published Aug 01, 2019 9:25 AM

Three Israeli soldiers were shot and wounded by a Palestinian who infiltrated the Gaza border fence east of Khan Yunis on Thursday, the army said in a statement.

According to the Israel Defense Forces, the Palestinian, was subsequently killed by Israeli fire and his body was captured in Israeli territory.

Palestinian social networks have identified the man as Hani Abu Salah, who belonged to Hamas' border patrol. Abu Salah's brother, Fawdi, who was disabled, was killed 14 months ago by Israeli troops during Gaza border demonstrations.

IDF Spokesman Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis said Abu Salah was wearing a Hamas uniform and armed with an AK-47 and grenades. Preliminary investigations assess that the assailant acted independently.

One Israeli officer, wounded moderately, and two combat soldiers, lightly wounded, were taken by helicopter to Soroka hospital in Be'er Sheva.

The Israeli military said it shelled a nearby Hamas target as part of the fire exchange. Following the incident, a tank attacked a Hamas outpost east of Khan Yunis in the Strip's south. Palestinian media reported that many shots were heard and Israeli aircrafts dropped dozens of flash bombs by the village of Khoza'a in the southern Gaza Strip.

An initial investigation by IDF commanders in the field said that two hours had passed between Abu Hamza's breach of the border fence and his death. The army attributes the relatively lengthy timespan of the operation to organized and responsible conduct by forces on the ground to ensure that the assailant would not escape.

Prior to the incident, around 2 A.M., IDF field observers identified a suspicious figure, believed to be unarmed, near the border fence. As he approached the border, they saw that he was carrying weapons, and notified the army unit that had been called to the scene.

As the soldiers reached the area, the figure appeared and opened fire, injuring the officer and the soldiers. A second unit was deployed to the scene. At that point, the assailant was believed to be hiding in one of the military posts on the Israeli side of the border, and the army decided to fire on the unmanned post with a tank.

A number of soldiers and officers fired on the assailant, killing him. Over the course of the incident, the army feared that increasing the number of soldiers at the scene would lead to friendly fire; Since the forces knew where the assailant was at any given moment, the Southern Division said it preferred to handle the incident with restraint and without haste.

The attacker's relatives said: "We saw the name on the networks but we didn't receive any official information from any Palestinian or international source if he was killed or injured and where he is being held."

The border fence through which the man crossed is easy to break through. In February, the Defense Ministry announced that work was underway to erect a more stable border fence, on top of the 65-kilometer-long (40 miles) underground infrastructure that is meant to prevent the digging of cross-border tunnels. The upper barrier will be six meters high. So far, ten kilometers of construction has been completed.

On Friday, one Palestinian was killed and 56 were wounded in clashes with Israeli forces in demonstrations along the Gaza border fence. 38 were wounded by live gunfire, and 22 of those wounded were under the age of 17.
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