IOA confiscates 13 dunums of Jerusalem land

12:00 Jan 3 2012 Wadi Al-Jouz (Joz), Jerusalem

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has issued orders for the confiscation of 13 dunums of Palestinian land in Wadi Al-Jouz in occupied Jerusalem, the Quds center for social and economic rights said on Tuesday.

It said in a statement for its director Ziyad Al-Hammouri that the targeted industrial area is the only one serving inhabitants of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Hammouri said that 170 businessmen would lose their businesses while more than 700 workers would lose their jobs as a result of the land confiscation.

He lashed out at the Israeli-controlled municipality, refuting its claims that the expropriation was for the “public interest”.

He said, “Rather it is in the interest of the settlement activity in the vicinity of the Old City”, describing the act as one of the most serious Judaization threats in the area.
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