Video: Israeli Tree Campaign "Judaizes" Expropriated Land

12:00 Dec 26 2011 Al-Araqeeb (Araqib, Arakib), 8 km north of Beer Sheba

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The Jewish National Fund (JNF), that owns 13% of Israeli lands forbids the sale or lease of its lands to any but Jewish owners. Many are now joining a global campaign against this policy whose roots come from expropriated Palestinian Land. The Real News' Lia Tarachansky looks at the history of JNF land aquisition from the land taken from 1948 refugees in the village of Ma'alul, 1967 refugees on whose land Canada Park was built, and the Bedouins of Al Araqib on whose land the JNF is attempting to build the Ambassador's Forest. Tarachansky speaks to Gadi Algazi, of Tel Aviv University, Aziz Sayah Al-Turi from Al Araqib, Eitan Bronstein from Zochrot, and Haya Noah of the Forum for Co-existance in the Negev.
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